Fleetway Comic Storylist

Issue #1 - #171

This page shows all the story titles that have been published in the Fleetway Sonic comic from issue #1 to issue #171.

Due to the fact that the comic has turned almost COMPLETELY into reprint since Egmont bought out Fleetway and now just wants to 'milk the comic for all it's worth while keeping production costs at an absolute minimum' I have lost a bit of my motivation to keep the review part of this list up-to-date. But once I have more free time, I will try my best to add more story summarizes anyway.

Click on the highlighted subtitles to get a summarize of the selected story.

To get all available story summarizes and the glossary in one large text file (without pictures... sigh) click here.

Summarizes of the Tails solo-stories will be added soon, as well as for most of the other titles listed below.


Note: In the Fleetway comic, each issue contains several different stories, most of them split up over several issues. If a story has subtitles, then they are listed before the issue numbers.

Amy Rose / Amy / Amy's Adventures

Captain Plunder & his Sky Pirates

Chaotix Crew

Decap Attack

Doctor Robotnik

Double Sonic

Ecco the Dolphin

Eternal Champions

Kid Chameleon


Knuckles & Tails

Legend of the Golden Axe

Marko's Magic Football


Mutant League

Pirate S.T.C.

Shining Force


Sonic The Hedgehog

Time Zone (Sonic The Hedgehog & Amy)

Sonic's World

Amy & Tekno

Sonic & Tekno


Streets of Rage

Super Sonic


Wonder Boy

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Double Sonic Story Reprints

Knuckles Story Reprints

Sonic Story Reprints

Sonic's World Story Reprints

Tails Story Reprints

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