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The Return of Chaotix

Issue #67 - #72

Issue #67

Once again, the Miracle Planet appears over Mobius. Sonic arrives there looking for his friend Porker, who returns to Mobius unharmed. At the same time, the Chaotix Team is brought to Never Lake by the Omni-Viewer, and stumbles right into a SWATBot patrol. Together with Sonic they defeat them. The Omni-Viewer tells Sonic about evidence that the Brotherhood of Metallix is still active and tries to use the Miracle Planet to further one of their sinister schemes.

When they look up, they notice thet the planet has changed. Now it is totally covered with machines and metal, its surface resembling the head of a giant Metallix.

Issue #68

Sonic, Porker and the Chaotix head for the Miracle Planet. Halfway there, Sonic notices that Porker has hurt his arm while fighting the SWATBot patrol. Taking a closer look, he realizes that this is not Porker Lewis, but a Metallix sent to destroy him.

The new Metallix proves to be stronger than all the previous ones. Sonic is knocked off of the chain, but is saved from falling to certain death by Charmy Bee. Only with the combined forces of Sonic and the Chaotix do they succeed in destroying the robot.

On the Miracle Planet they find the real Porker Lewis, who has been captured by the Brotherhood of Metallix. Sonic gets to face Emperor Metallix, who reveals that the Brotherhood has already won. By using a pirate copy of the Omni-Viewer, they travelled back into the past and changed history. Then he shows them Mobius, which is now covered with cold metal and robot factories, which send fire and smoke high up into the air.

Issue #69

The Chaotix use the Omni-Viewer's abilities to escape back to Mobius, now called Planet Metallix. But they are hopelessly outnumbered, and finally get stuck in a dead end. At the last moment they are saved by two cloaked figures, who bring them to a secret underground hideout, where the last living people on Mobius fight a hopeless battle against the Metallix. The figures remove their hoods, revealing one of them to be Dr. Ovi Kintobor, the person who turned into Robotnik in the other timeline. In this reality however, he is the leader of the resistance.

Issue #70

The Omni-Viewer tracks the timelines and sends Sonic and the Chaotix back into the past, but the Metallix have left guards to prevent another change in history. By using the anti-Metallix device that Kintobor gave him, Sonic is able to turn the Metallixes against each other. In the posession of one Metallix he finds a rotten egg, and takes it with him. Finally, they reach their destination: the laboratory where Kintobor once built the R.O.C.C.; the device that turned him into Robotnik when it exploded.

Issue #71

Sonic places the egg back into Kintobor's fridge. The rotten egg, combined with the explosion once turned Kintobor into the evil, rotten, egg-shaped Robotnik. To make absolutely sure that the timelines are restored, he lets Kintobor trip over a wire. Kintobor falls onto the control panel of the R.O.C.C. which short-circuits and causes the machine to explode.

Again Mobius is as it once was, but the Miracle Planet is still under the control of the Brotherhood of Metallix. Because Robotnik seems to be the key to beating the Metallix, the Omni-Viewer transports Sonic and the Chaotix right into Robotnik's headquarters.

Issue #72

Grimer reveals that Project Metallix was his creation, Robotnik only designed the self-destruct programme, implemented in their hardware. By getting rid of Robotnik by changing history, the Metallixes would still exist, but the self-destruct programme wouldn't. Robotnik however hoped the Metallixes would destroy Sonic and all the hatred Freedom Fighters, then he could activate the self-destruct and rule supreme.

Meanwhile, the Brotherhood of Metallix, lead by their emperor, mobilizes for its final strike against Robotnik. There are so many of them that they are blotting out the sun, and the attack comes totally unexpected for everyone. Suddenly the Metallixes are everywhere around them, and everyone has to fight for his life. Robotnik tries to operate the self destruct device, but can't reach it. At the last moment Sonic battles his way through and presses the button.

The Metallixes are destroyed, Sonic and the Chaotix leave. Grimer however comes up with yet another evil robot design: the Metal Knuckles.

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Running Wild

Issue #80 - #82

Issue #80

While visiting Porker Lewis on the Floating Island, Sonic falls into the energy beam of the seven Chaos Emeralds in the Emerald Chamber. This gives him the biggest charge of Chaos Energy he ever had, turning him into the strongest Super Sonic ever. Totally out of control, Super Sonic looks for something to destroy, and attacks Amy Rose because she was the last thing Sonic thought of before falling into the beam.

Issue #81

Super Sonic is out to get Amy and anyone else who gets in his way. In his rampage he destroys everything, including the Freedom Fighters' caravan, which served as their headquarters for a long time. As a last resort, Amy, Tails and Johnny try to escape in the Sonic airplane. When Super Sonic sees the plane taking off, he shoots it out of the sky with laser beams coming from his eyes. Victorious, he starts a maniac laughter, and finally changes back into his normal self. When he realizes what he has done, he is alone, surrounded by nothing but burnt earth and destruction.

Issue #82

Three weeks have passed. Disguised, Sonic enters a bar in the Downtown Metropolis Zone. When he hears some hooligans talking about how Super Sonic killed his own Freedom Fighter gang, he makes a rash comment, and his cover gets blown. Because there is a reward on his head, the others try to capture him. Sonic begs them to leave him alone, but it's too late. There is still too much Chaos Energy stored inside of him, and the stress makes him change into Super Sonic once again.

Meanwhile, Amy, Tails and Johnny have followed the Emerald Radiation that Sonic is giving off since he absorbed this unhealthy amount of Power. They survived by using the Kintobor Computer to fly the Sonic airplane by remote control, to give Super Sonic something to bash. Now they bring a Star Post with them, and worked out a way to use it to remove all the Emerald Radiation from Sonic. But Super Sonic tries to break free, and Amy has to raise the energy level of the Star Post to a critical value. Although Sonic is changed back into his normal blue self, it turns out that the process transferred every bit of Emerald Energy that was inside him into the Special Zone, which means that Super Sonic might have been split from Sonic and is still existant in this alternate dimension, now a free agent.

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