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These info pages chronicle all of the important events in the Sonic comic storyline from Fleetway. Please keep in mind that it is still under construction, and that my knowledge of the english language is not extremely in-depth. :)

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Heroes & Villains

Issue #84 - #86

Issue #84

Super Sonic has been separated from Sonic and sent into the Special Zone. Sonic asks the Omni-Viewer to transport him into the Chaotix' Headquarters to inform them about the serious danger the zone might be in. But the Chaotix are too busy with their own things and don't actually believe Sonic's words that Super Sonic could destroy everything. Instead, they invite Sonic for a trip to New Tek City on planet Meridian.

When they arrive in New Tek City, the Justice Brigade and the Discriminators are just about to line up for the final showdown. Sonic and the Chaotix join the fight but have to flee when the cops arrive, since they consider the Chaotix to be criminals too. While the Chaotix manage to escape through the Omni-Viewer, Sonic is captured by the police.

Issue #85

Sonic is put into a police cell and interrogated by Lieutnant Furor. Much to the surprise of everyone, Lord Sidewinder puts up the bail for the hedgehog's release. Sidewinder introduces Sonic to his associates, namely Lightmare, Mr. Fry and Bio-Hazard, and then reveals that he made a deal with Super Sonic. In return for getting his hands on Sonic, Super Sonic has agreed to join Sidewinder's gang. But Super Sonic isn't interested in keeping his part of the bargain. He defeats Sidewinder's henchmen with ease, and then turns to destroy Sonic.

Issue #86

Right in the middle of the fight the Chaotix Team appears. Sonic manages to force Super Sonic into the Omni-Viewer, who then traps Super Sonic inside itself by freezing him in time. However, since the Omni-Viewer was also the only way to travel from Mobius to the Special Zone and back, Sonic is now stuck with the Chaotix.

(continued in issue #89: The Tomb)

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The Tomb

Issue #89 - #90

Issue #89

It becomes obvious that the Omni-Viewer wasn't able to freeze Super Sonic in time, but only managed to slow the flow of time down tremendously, which means that Super Sonic will sooner or later free himself. To make sure he won't escape, the Chaotix decide to take Super Sonic to the center of the Black Asteroid and then set off a Graviton Bomb in the main tunnel to block the way outside.

But before they can finish their mission, Nack the Weasel sneaks into their ship to steal Super Sonic by order of Lord Sidewinder. With one of his shrinking devices he reduces Sonic and the Chaotix down to the size of mice, and only Sonic escapes before being caught.

Issue #90

Sonic manages to get hold of the shrinking device and uses it on Nack, but accidentally he exposes the weasel to the shrinking ray for too long, causing Nack to shrink into nothingness.

Restored to their old size, the Chaotix bring the Omni-Viewer with the imprisoned Super Sonic to the asteroid's center and detonate the bomb, sealing the exit with thousands of tons of rubble.

(continued in issue #97: Doomsday)

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