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Enter Knuckles

Issue #33 - #34

Issue #33

Robotnik has crash-landed on the Floating Island with his space satellite, the Death Egg II. Sonic and Tails fly to the island to finish him off once and for all. After destroying some traps and battling some Badniks, they finally meet Robotnik, who has already convinced Knuckles that Sonic is a thief who wants to steal the Floating Island's Chaos Emeralds.

Issue #34

Sonic & Knuckles have an excessive fight using everything they can offer. It ends up in a tie, but Tails is able to capture Robotnik by dropping a net on him from the Sonic airplane. Sonic and Tails escape with Robotnik as their prisoner.

(continued in issue #35: Power Of The Chaos Emeralds)

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Power Of The Chaos Emeralds

Issue #35 - #36

Issue #35

Back at Sonic's Secret Underground Base, Porker Lewis tries to interrogate Robotnik. Suddenly, Knuckles digs into the cell to free the doctor. In this moment of confusion, Robotnik is able to take Porker Lewis hostage and demands the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic. Naturally, Sonic has no choice but to submit to his demands, and gaves Robotnik what he wants. Robotnik and Knuckles escape in a shuttle, but Sonic and Tails pursue them and force the doctor to crash land on the Floating Island yet again.

Issue #36

Again Sonic & Knuckles end up brawling. Sonic pretends to be beaten, but secretly follows Knuckles and Robotnik. Robotnik re-integrates the six Chaos Emeralds with the six from the Floating Island. Long ago, the emeralds were split into half, making them twelve. Sonic arrives just in time to see Robotnik absorb the Chaos Energy to become invincible. Knuckles realizes that Robotnik lied to him, but is already prepared. He uses the seventh Grey Emerald, which he kept hidden, to regain control over the other emeralds. Robotnik is sent back to Mobius with his new powers removed. Sonic asks Knuckles to join the Freedom Fighters, but Knuckles chooses to stay on the Floating Island; to guard the emeralds and wait for his people to return.

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