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Best Of Enemies

Issue #116 - #118

Issue #116

The leaders of the three most powerful houses of the Drakon Empire, the House of Knowledge, the House of War and the House of Magic, have gathered to find the creature who knows the answer to an ancient mystery: the secret of the mighty Chaos Emeralds. Although Emperor Ko-Door from the House of War knows that the creature in question is Sonic the Hedgehog, he petends not to know him. Instead, he wants the power of those gems for himself, to let the House of War dominate the Drakon Empire and make him Ruler of the Universe.

Ko-Door travels to Mobius and requests from Robotnik to keep his side of the bargain they made and get the Chaos Emeralds for him. But Robotnik claims not to know about the whereabouts of the emeralds.

Issue #117

Ko-Door sends a prosecutor and several sentinels to capture Sonic for interrogation, but Sonic destroys them all. Finally, the prosecutor calls upon the Master Sentinel, a robot at least ten times taller than Sonic.

Issue #118

Sonic uses all his tricks and speed to fight the Master Sentinel, but to no avail. Finally Tails flies him up to a hole in the sentinel's chest, and Sonic destroys it from within, being victorious once more. Ko-Door is furious and can't believe that Sonic managed to defeat all his forces.

Grimer is sick of working for Robotnik and the bad treatment he gets from him. He informs Ko-Door that Robotnik knew the location of the emeralds all the time and asks for permission to join the Drakons.

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