Glossary Page

Who is who in the Fleetway Universe?

Amy Rose
Amy is a cute, pink, female hedgehog who makes her feelings for Sonic very obvious. However, Sonic is one cool dude and is not impressed with such displays.

The resident badniks of the Oil Ocean Zone. They are shaped like sea-horses, have the ability to fly, and can shoot deadly fire from their heads.

Brotherhood of Metallix
This is the the group name for an elite brotherhood of badnik robots, the Metallixes. Initially designed by Robotnik's Chief Scientist Grimer to defeat Sonic the Hedgehog, they disobeyed their master and now pose one of the greatest threat ever for both Sonic and Robotnik.

Chaos Emeralds
The Chaos Emeralds are a great source of power and can also absorb evil emotions. However, without the seventh grey emerald to control the others, they are very unstable and have to be kept in a cold place to stabilize them.

Chaotix Team
The Chaotix are the Guardians of the Special Zone. Their members are Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, Mighty the Armadillo, and Charmy Bee. Once Nack the Weasel was also a team member, until he betrayed the others to the Brotherhood of Metallix.

Charmy Bee
Charmy Bee has a very irritating character and his yapping and silly comments often get on other's nerves. Still, he is a valuable member of the Chaotix Team for investigating or helping out with his flying abilities.

Citadel Robotnik
This is Robotnik's current headquarter, and base of operations. It is located in the Metropolis Zone, a giant fortress shaped in the form of Robotnik's head.

Dryalid Flower
This is a poisonous flower which grows only in a valley called the Kohenyu Graveyard. The valley got its name because it is filled with the ancient skeletons of hundreds of gigantic animals, the Kohenyu. The poison of the flower can cause hallucinations and unconsciousness.

Egg Fortress
To have a place where no one could pose a threat for him, Robotnik chose the Special Zone to build his Egg Fortress, and removed all the Star Posts to prevent anyone else from going there. Later, when Robotnik moved his base of operations to the Metropolis Zone, the base became an automated factory to create the ultimate Metal Sonic. But unfortunately the Metallixes took over, and now use it as their headquarters.

Those egg-shaped robots look like a smaller version of Robotnik. They are equipped with a powerful laser gun and a jet-pack, which gives them the ability to fly (also check out the "Sonic & Knuckles" game - Sky Sanctuary Zone).

Emerald Hill Zone
This is the Zone where Sonic and his friends used to hang out. It is located on South Island, together with many other Hill Zones. The zone itself is deserted, since Robotnik vowed to take terrible revenge on its inhabitants after the destruction of the Death Egg II. Knuckles allowed Sonic to evacuate everyone to the Mushroom Hill Zone on the Floating Island.

Emperor Metallix
Emperor Metallix is the leader of the Brotherhood of Metallix. Unlike the other Metallixes, he is colored in a deep red, and more than twice the size of a normal Metallix. His body is mounted on a round anti-gravity chair.

Espio the Chameleon has the ability to blend into any background. He can also do a fast spin-around to knock attackers off by hitting them with his horn.

Robotnik's Chief Scientist. Designed Project Metallix and some other nasty things as well.

Johnny Lightfoot
Johnny is a rabbit who helps Sonic in his fight to free Mobius from Robotnik.

The Kohenyu are giant animals that lived on the Floating Island hundreds of years ago. They roamed the lands in peace. There were many of them, until the echidnas came and started to hunt them for food. Although the herd was many hundreds, they had just twenty males, which were the slowest. It took years, but finally the echidnas had destroyed the whole herd. Only the Kohenyu skeletons remained, in a valley that is now called the 'Kohenyu Graveyard'.

This is a bright red chemical which is poisonous on contact. In an accident one of Robotnik's evil scientists came in contact with the substance, his body merging with the liquid. Now his mind controls the chemical, enabling it to behave similar to a shapeshifter (check out 'Deep Space Nine'). It can move, talk, modify its form, even create a face for itself, but cannot change its color or form anything 'solid' like a real body. All in all, it always stays a chemical.

Megopolis City
This used to be the capital of the Floating Island, before Knuckles' people left for unknown reasons, leaving only Knuckles behind to guard the island.

Mighty the Armadillo is the strongest of the Chaotix Team. Like Sonic, he prefers to just leap into action instead of making plans, which sometimes brings him and the Team into trouble.

Miracle Planet
The Miracle Planet appears once a month over Never Lake on Mobius. It stays for only three days before vanishing again. Nobody knows where. It is connected to Mobius by an awesome chain, which itself has some special kind of magic. Although it looks hundreds of miles long you can walk its length in only a couple of hours. Nobody knows how it works.

Never Lake
The Never Lake is one of the greatest beauty spots on planet Mobius (before Doctor Robotnik came along, that is).

Oil Ocean Zone
The Oil Ocean Zone is situated high in the northern hemisphere of planet Mobius. It consists of large platforms, built into a sea of oil.

The Omni-Viewer is an omnipotent computer program that manifests itself in the form of a giant screen with a face on it. It is usually found in the Special Zone, where it floats in mid-air. It has the power to view everything and travel to any place in space and time, and can also provide transport for others. When the Chaotix team is on a mission, Vector carries the Omni-Viewer in his walkman-styled mini-computer.

Porker Lewis
Porker is a member of Sonic's Freedom Fighter group, a pig with scientific abilities and a high technical knowledge. In some of the early Sonic books he is called Porker Harris, but has apparently been renamed by the storywriters after the success of the 'Parker Lewis' TV series.

Red is a lion working for the Mobius Fire Department. Sonic met him once when he was called to the Oil Ocean Zone to put out a fire, and deactivate the traps of the zone (issue #7).

Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor. This machine was created by Doctor Ovi Kintobor, who tried to use the golden rings of Mobius to transfer all evil on the planet into the six Chaos Emeralds that he had put inside the machine, to free Mobius from evil forever. Due to an accident the machine exploded, and the evil power stored in the emeralds turned Kintobor into the evil Robotnik.

South Island
South Island is the location of the many hill zones on planet Mobius. Green, Emerald, and others. At the northern part of the island is the Frozen Zone, a zone of perpetual winter. This is also the location of the North Cave, where Sonic kept the Chaos Emeralds hidden for some time.

Star Post
Star Posts can be used to enter the Special Zone, or to transport you to any other Star Post you choose, but only Sonic can activate them by charging them up with his Sonic Speed. Robotnik removed all Star Posts to prevent anyone entering this Zone, but Sonic kept one of them hidden in his Secret Underground Base.

Special Zone
The Special Zone is some kind of weird alternative dimension. It's crammed with all kinds of crazy, and sometimes even dangerous stuff. Usually, only Sonic can enter it by powering up a Star Post with his Sonic Speed.

Super Sonic
When Sonic absorbs too much ring or chaos energy, he transforms into Super Sonic. Sometimes this transformation also occurs when Sonic is under too much stress, which somehow causes the ring energy that he absorbed over the years to be activated. While changed, Sonic is almost all-powerful, but he is also totally out of control and just wants to destroy everything in sight. When the energy is used up, he changes back to his normal self again.

Miles Prower, also called "Tails" because of his two tails. He is Sonic's closest pal and best friend. His two tails also enable him to fly, by spinning them around like a helicopter.

Vector the Crocodile is the leader of the Chaotix team. He is the one who usually decides what to do, and keeps cool even in the most complicated situations.