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Total Chaotix

Issue #53 - #58

Issue #53

While checking the damage done to the Floating Island by the blasts of Robotnik's Death Egg, Knuckles discovers a strange circular stone with ancient writing on it that cryptically says something about a 'Gateway to a Dream Country'. When he touches the stone, it starts to glow and sucks him in. Too late does he realize that the writing said 'Nightmare Country', the name Knuckles' people used for the weird dimension known as the Special Zone, which is certainly not a place for an echidna to be.

In the zone he meets the Omni-Viewer, who still believes that Knuckles is working for Robotnik. The Omni-Viewer sends the Chaotix Team to defeat Knuckles: Vector, Mighty, Espio, Charmy Bee and Nack the Weasel.

Issue #54

Knuckles and the Chaotix fight, and despite their abilities Knuckles defeats all of them one by one. Meanwhile, the Omni-Viewer has checked Knuckles' story and found out that Knuckles is no enemy. At that moment of recognition, two Metallixes appear. They have been sent by the Brotherhood of Metallix to capture the Omni-Viewer and use it for their evil plans.

Issue #55

Neighter Knuckles nor the Chaotix can prevent the Metallixes from taking the Omni-Viewer captive, but are able to follow them to Robotnik's abandoned Egg Fortress. Without thinking for long, Mighty uses his strength to break through the outer hull, and triggers the alarm.

Issue #56

Emperor Metallix, the chief of the Brotherhood, sends a Metallix to intercept the unwanted intruders. Knuckles and the Chaotix hide in the ventillation system, but are spotted by the robot's infra-red sensors. Nack makes a run for it, while the other Chaotix get buried under the debris caused by the Metallix' blasts. Now with the Chaotix gone, Knuckles has to face the Metallix alone.

Issue #57

Knuckles is able to defeat the Metallix, and Mighty's strength saves the other Chaotix from being crushed by the rubble. Nack reveals that he found out where the Onmi-Viewer is being kept, but leads them right into the lion's den: to Emperor Metallix.

Issue #58

Nack betrayed the Chaotix Team for money, and also gave the Brotherhood of Metallix the access codes to break into the Omni-Viewer's systems. However, the Metallixes are not willing to keep their part of the bargain. Being already prepared for something like this to happen, Nack pulls out a disruptor device, but gets shot by one of the Metallixes before he can use it. Knuckles is able to grab the disruptor and shut down all the Metallixes.

After being freed, the Omni-Viewer returns Knuckles to the Floating Island. But, unknown to everyone, the Brotherhood of Metallix had a backup system that re-activated them, and also kept a pirate copy of the Omni-Viewer that now enables them to have control over space and time.

(continued in issue #59: The Brotherhood Of Metallix)

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The Homecoming

Issue #65 - #68

Issue #65

Knuckles recieves an automatic alarm signal from Megopolis City, the former capital of the Floating Island. There, Knuckles has to fight off a robot of unknown design that looks strangely familiar to him. Then he meets a white-furred echidna who says that he was hiding from the robot. He introduces himself as Doctor Zachary, the first one of Knuckles' people to return to the island.

Issue #66

In his excitement of finally meeting one of his own kind, Knuckles shows Zachary all secrets of the Floating Island, including the Emerald Chamber. Later that day, Knuckles searches through the ancient scrolls, and finds a blueprint of the robot he met earlier, which proves that it had been built by the former inhabitants of the island.

Knuckles wonders why such a robot would attack an echidna, one of its masters. Just as he is going to ask Zachary about this, the robot breaks through the wall of the building. Knuckles is unable to prevent it from entering the Emerald Chamber and destroying the Master Emerald.

Issue #67

The robot starts to absorb all the emerald's energy. Knuckles tries to attack, but gets hit and buried by falling rubble. With Knuckles thought gone, Zachary reveals his true intentions: that the robot is under his control, and that he needed the chaos energy to to power up his robot and take revenge on the people of Mobius. The robot's head turns out to be a cockpit, big enough for one echidna to fit into.

Knuckles digs his way out of the debris and stops Zachary just before he can leave the island, by ripping apart one of the robot's wings, disabling its flying ability.

Meanwhile, the lack of emerald power brought the Floating Island in a collision course with a mountain.

Issue #68

The Floating Island impacts with the mountain, and gets stuck right on top. Knuckles is able to disconnect the robot head from its body by throwing a stone at the connecting parts. As Zachary climbs out, a minor tremor hits the island and both the doctor and the lower part of the robot fall off of the island's edge.

In a desperate try, Knuckles puts the still-charged robot head between the other emeralds in the Emerald Chamber, and the Floating Island starts to rise again. But Knuckles has to find a replacement emerald soon, that can hold the power of the old one.

(continued in issue #69: Graveyard)

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Issue #69 - #72

Issue #69

Knuckles has to go to the Emerald Mine to get a new Master Emerald. This mine is located in the Kohenyu Graveyard, a valley filled with the ancient skeletons of hundreds of gigantic animals, that some strange power preserves for all time.

In the valley, Knuckles accidentally gets poisoned by a Dryalid flower. Right after that, a giant Kohenyu head appears and calls him a murderer for killing all of the Kohenyu.

Issue #70

The skeletons of the Kohenyu herd start to attack Knuckles. He tries to fight back, but the poison of the Dryalid flower soon takes effect on him and knocks him out.

Knuckles awakes in the Emerald Mine. The 'Spirit of the Kohenyu' tells him that Knuckles' ancestors once killed the whole herd, and that Knuckles has to pay for it with his life.

Issue #71

Knuckles tries to dig out one of the giant raw emeralds, but always has to flee from the Kohenyu ghosts that threaten him. Finally, he reaches a big glowing crystal, the 'Soul Crystal', which keeps the 'Spirit of the Herd' alive.

Issue #72

The Spirit of the Herd does not want to accept a deal, and sends every single one of the Kohenyu skeletons to destroy Knuckles. Knuckles beats them all apart, but is unable to destroy the Soul Crystal in the end, because he doesn't want to be the one responsible for destroying the last trace of the herd.

The Spirit finally realizes that Knuckles is different from his savage ancestors. He allows him to take one of the raw emeralds and leave in peace.

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