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Issue #97 - #99

Issue #97

Sonic receives an emergency call from Porker Lewis. Before the transmission is cut off, Porker manages to tell Sonic that Mobius is at grave danger. As if this weren't enough, a second sun appears over New Tek City, which, according to an old legend, is the prelude to the end of the world. All citizens flee in panic.

Issue #98

The Omni-Viewer is back, and informs everyone that somehow Super Sonic somehow worked out what was going on and that he was trapped in the Black Asteroid. So he built up enough engergy to turn himself into an electron bomb. The second sun is actually the asteroid, heated up to millions of degrees. Within only a few hours it will explode, and Super Sonic will be free again.

Lightmare appears and warns the Chaotix that Lord Sidewinder knows about Super Sonic and wants to use him to take over the Special Zone. But although Sidewinder believes he has found some way to control Super Sonic, Lightmare knows that his plan is doomed to fail. It is revealed that Lightmare is actually Lord Sidewinder's daughter, which is the reason why she can't desert him.

Meanwhile, Lord Sidewinder has prepared a spaceship to bring him and his gang to the Black Asteroid.

Issue #99

Sonic and the Chaotix follow Lord Sidewinder's ship to the Black Asteroid, while Vector seeks assistance from the crocodile-scientists at a top secret scientific laboratory in New Tek City, called the Equinox. With their help, the Omni-Viewer is recharged to full power, enabling it to travel between dimensions again.

After analysing the readings from the Black Asteroid, the scientists find out that it's giving off a massive amount of electromagnetic radiation. When it explodes, it will produce an effect called an Electromagnetic Pulse, which won't have any affect on the people, but will knock out every computerised system on the planet.

Sonic and the Chaotix defeat Lord Sidewinder and his gang, but the Omni-Viewer brings more bad news from Mobius. Robotnik has captured all the Emerald Hill folk on the Floating Island and is about to turn them into a biological computer - permanently. Sonic orders the Omni-Viewer to teleport the Black Asteroid to Mobius.

(continued in issue #100: The Final Victory)

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The Final Victory

Issue #100

Issue #100

The Black Asteroid explodes above Mobius, causing all of Robotnik's systems and Badnik robots to shut down. Mobius is finally free.

But so is Super Sonic, intending to have his revenge and destroy everything. The Omni-Viewer transports Sonic to Mobius too, but even with the combined efforts of Sonic and the other Freedom Fighters it turns out to be a loosing battle. Just as Super Sonic is about to finish them all off, he runs out of energy and has to flee. The explosion altered him in a way that he isn't able to store energy anymore, leaving him powerless. Sonic heads for the Floating Island to take care of Robotnik.

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