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Day Of The Death Egg

Issue #45

Issue #45

To demonstrate what the new Death Egg is capable of doing, Grimer shows Robotnik a simulated takeoff, including an attack on the Emerald Hill Zone and the destruction of Tails and Sonic (a very sad thing if if would have been for real).

(continued in issue #47: Mystery Of The Sandopolis Zone)

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Mystery Of The Sandopolis Zone

Issue #47 - #48

Issue #47

Sonic goes to the Sandopolis Zone to stop Robotnik from finishing the repairs on the Death Egg, but meets Captain Plunder instead. Back to his old, evil ways, he plans to steal a treasure from one of the zone's ancient pyramids.

Issue #48

Sonic battles the Stone Guardian of the pyramid, which reforms magically each time it is destroyed. Knuckles outwits the guardian by luring it into a quicksand pit.

Meanwhile, Captain Plunder and his crew have found the treasure and try to carry it away, but the pyramid is cursed. The pirates are attacked by ghosts, and forced to flee without the treasure.

Inside the pyramid, Knuckles smashes a seal to allow the sand from the zone to pour inside, making the pyramid sink under the desert and keeping its treasures safe forever. Sonic and Knuckles escape through a secret exit.

(continued in issue #49: Count Down To Disaster)

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Count Down To Disaster

Issue #49 - #50

Issue #49

The repairs on the Death Egg are finished. All that is needed for the takeoff is a source of infinite energy to power it: the Master Emerald. Below the island's surface, Sonic and Knuckles have followed the tunnels to a live volcano right in the middle of the Launch Base Zone, with the Death Egg sitting atop. Robotnik sends Egg-Robos to stop them, but Knuckles breaks down the wall of a lava pit, unleashing lava which destroys all the attackers.

Driven by a sudden thought, Sonic and Knuckles race back to the Hidden Palace Zone, from where the Royal Family once ruled the Floating Island. They arrive to see the Emerald Chamber open, and the Master Emerald gone. Without its energy, the Floating Island is doomed to crash on Mobius in a few hours. They search the chamber, and discover a new and improved Metal Sonic charging itself up on the Master Emerald's power.

Issue #50

The Metal Sonic uses one of the ancient teleporters to teleport to the Sky Sanctuary Zone, high above the Floating Island. Sonic and Knuckles follow. Metal Sonic reveals that he wants to take revenge for the first Metallix that Sonic destroyed, which was only one of an elite brotherhood of badniks.

Charged with the awesome power of the Master Emerald, the Metal Sonic proves to be almost invincible. Knuckles is knocked unconscious, and Sonic also faces defeat, until one blow knocks him clean across to the Master Emerald, the emerald's energy transforming him into Super Sonic.

Sonic quickly defeats the Metal Sonic, the Master Emerald is still placed on the teleporter device. Before Sonic can save it, Robotnik teleports it into the Death Egg. With the emerald removed from the island, the Sky Sanctuary Zone is starting to fall apart.

(continued in issue #51: Disaster!)

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Issue #51 - #53

Issue #51

Doctor Robotnik has launched his ultimate weapon - the Death Egg. Sonic and Knuckles race to the highest point of the Sky Sanctuary Zone. Noticing that they cannot reach the flying fortress by foot, Knuckles glides toward the Death Egg while carrying Sonic on his back. Sonic uses his Spin Attack to break through a window into the satellite. While Sonic is busy battling the Death Egg Security System, Knuckles glides back to the island and tries to navigate it toward the Death Egg, using the ancient technology of his people.

Issue #52

Sonic has reached the control room, but can't get to the Master Emerald because Robotnik has too many security robots around. Just as Robotnik is ready to fire at the Emerald Hill Zone, the Death Egg is hit by a blast from the Floating Island. Robotnik starts firing at the Floating Island with disintegrator rays.

With Robotnik distracted, Sonic is able to remove the Master Emerald, leaving the Death Egg without energy. As Robotnik sends his Egg-Robos after Sonic to retrieve the emerald, the Death Egg is hit by another attack from the Floating Island, the shockwaves of the impact causing Sonic, the emerald, and several Egg-Robos to crash through a window and fall out of the satellite towards the earth!

Issue #53

It's all over for the Death Egg. Robotnik's deadly device is being torn apart by Knuckles' attacks from the Floating Island. Sonic flies back to the island by using a jet pack that he grabbed from one of the Egg-Robos. Robotnik executes a final attack on Sonic in his battle armour, but Sonic pushes him off the island's edge.

Robotnik survives and vows to take terrible revenge on the Emerald Hill people, and especially Sonic. Knuckles agrees to let Sonic evacuate everyone to the Mushroom Hill Zone on the Floating Island, where they are safe from Robotnik's attacks.

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