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These info pages chronicle all of the important events in the Sonic comic storyline from Fleetway. Please keep in mind that it is still under construction, and that my knowledge of the english language is not extremely in-depth. :)

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Girl Trouble

Issue #21 - #22

Issue #21

Amy Rose gets arrested for associating with Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic and Johnny Lightfoot use a Star Post to follow her to Robotnik's Egg Fortress in the Special Zone. Sonic dashes right in without bothering about making a plan, and they both get trapped by the automatic defense system of the fortress.

Issue #22

Grimer and Robotnik try to transform Amy into a Super-Badnik. Sonic saves her at the last minute. Because Amy is no longer safe in the Green Hill Zone village, she joins Sonic's Freedom Fighter group. Elsewhere, Grimer finishes the final tests for Project Metallix.

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Pirates Of The Mystic Caves

Issue #23

Issue #23

Sonic, Tails, Johnny and Porker search the Mystic Caves for Amy, who has been captured by pirates. Sonic and Tails get separated from the others and fall into the hands of the pirates, too. Their leader, Captain Plunder, wants Sonic's Chaos Emeralds. Amy makes an agreement with the pirates to give them valuable informations about Robotnik's air freighters, in return for their aid in the fight for freedom.

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The Sonic Terminator

Issue #24 - #28

Issue #24

Project Metallix passes its final test, while Robotnik's troops make a raid on the Emerald Hill Zone to arrest all its citizens. Sonic and his whole group are captured in the attempt to free them. However, Sonic informed the Mystic Cave Pirates in time to come to the rescue. During the fight, Porker Lewis accidentally tells one of the pirates where Sonic hid the Chaos Emeralds: in the North Cave of South Island.

Issue #25

Plunder's pirates search the North Cave of the Frozen Zone for the Chaos Emeralds, but Sonic and his friends have followed them. During the fight, Plunder is able to capture Tails. Sonic must surrender, and the pirates escape with the emeralds.

Sonic and Tails pursue the pirate's ship with the Sonic airplane. Meanwhile, the emeralds have become unstable due to the temperature change and start to absorb evil emotions again, similar to the way they acted when Kintobor used them in his R.O.C.C machine. When Sonic finally enters the ship, all the pirates have become a group of peace-loving hippies. Sonic obtains the emeralds without problems.

Elsewhere, Grimer's new creation, the Metal Sonic, attacks the Emerald Hill Zone. He orders its residents to bring him Sonic the Hedgehog, so he can exterminate him.

Issue #26

Sonic receives a distress signal from Amy, who has been captured by Metal Sonic. When Sonic arrives at Never Lake, he finds the Miracle Planet completely covered with Robotnik's factories and chained to Mobius with a gigantic chain. Sonic is attacked by Metal Sonic, but is able to put him out of comission. Just when things seem to be back to normal, Metal Sonic is revived and takes Amy to the Miracle Planet as 'live bait' for Sonic. Sonic races after them over the chain that holds the Miracle Planet.

Issue #27

Sonic finds Amy and tries to defeat the Metal Sonic, but his enemy is a part of the technology that now covers the Miracle Planet. Thus, he can drain energy from the surrounding machinery, giving him limitless power. Just as Metal Sonic is about to win, he gets hit by a doppleganger of Sonic, who is only half the size of the original. The minature hedgehog then pushes Sonic into a shrinking ray, and hands him a Time Stone.

Issue #28

With the Time Stone, Sonic ventures back into the past and finds the machine that caused the changes on the Miracle Planet. Due to his small size, he is able to enter the machine and destroys it from within. Sonic then travels back to the present just in time to prevent Metal Sonic from terminating his other self. As before, he hands over the Time Stone and sends the other Sonic back in time. Due to the changes in the past, the Miracle Planet is returned to normal. All machinery disappears, including the Metal Sonic.

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