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Flickies' Island

Issue #104 - #106

Issue #104

With Doctor Robotnik defeated, the Emerald Hill folk can finally returns to their home zone. Knuckles is pleased to get his Floating Island back to himself and tells Sonic that he can retire from hero business now, about which Sonic isn't all that happy.

The peaceful life in the Emerald Hill Zone is really getting on Sonic's nerves, until Tails comes to him with a plea for help. A Flicky bird from Flickies' Island brought news that Robotnik built his new headquarters there and is now using Flickies as organic batteries for his badnik robots. Sonic and Tails set off to the island immediately.

Issue #105

Robotnik has found out that the Flickies come from a different dimension, which can be accessed through the giant golden Mobius Ring on the island. With the Flickies as a new power source, he built a new range of deadly badniks, more stronger and durable than any of his creations before.

Sonic has a hard time fighting off all the badniks. When Tails is captured, he is forced to surrender.

Issue #106

Just as Robotnik is about to lock Sonic up in a cage, a prosecutor from the Drakon Empire arrives through the Mobius ring and demands to know who discovered the ring's secret, since someone with enough intelligence to understand their technology could perhaps be a threat to them.

Sonic tells the prosecutor that Mobians are peace-loving people, except for Robotnik. The prosecutor takes Robotnik with him for interrogation.

(continued in issue #108: The Evil Empire)

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The Evil Empire

Issue #108 - #111

Issue #108

Sonic and his Freedom Fighters have set up their new headquarters in the Emerald Hill Village, and transferred Kintobor's mind into a newly-built computer, from where he is now able to access a network of sensors and warn everyone in case the zone is ever attacked again. But before Kintobor can make full use of this, Robotnik invades the place with his new badnik creation, the Metal Knuckles.

Because Robotnik made a deal with the Drakon Empire, he now has control over the Mobius Rings, which allow him to appear whereever he wants. Metal Knuckles defeats Sonic and takes him to the Drakon dimension. Unnoticed to Robotnik, Tails manages to follow.

Issue #109

Sonic is charged with crimes against the Drakon Empire, namely for destroying an old sentinel robot the Drakons left behind in the Aquatic Ruin Zone. Since in the Drakon Empire, trial is by combat, Sonic has to fight to prove his innocence.

Issue #110

Sonic is lead to the Arena of Judgement, where he has to defeat Metal Knuckles, while Tails can do nothing but helplessly watch the spectacle on the giant viewscreen outside the arena.

Issue #111

Sonic is fighting a loosing battle, until Tails manages to open one of the arena's doors to help him escape. When the Metal Knuckles follows, it gets stuck in the closing door and is cut in half.

Sonic destroys an approaching prosecutor, and finds out that the Drakons are actually fishes with robot bodies, which they constructed to help them function on dry land. Since Sonic won his trial, he is allowed to return to Mobius, despite Robotnik's protesting.

(continued in issue #116: Best Of Enemies)

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