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The Brotherhood Of Metallix

Issue #59 - #62

Issue #59

Sonic and his group receive a signal from the Metropolis Zone, which originates from a new kind of Badnik. It turns out to be a clown-like robot that calls itself Mr. Blobnik. Its foolish appearance, however, is only a trick to put Sonic off guard. When Sonic smashes the robot he is caught inside a prison bubble and transported to Citadel Robotnik.

Meanwhile, the Brotherhood of Metallix captures Robotnik's assistant Grimer and brings him to Robotnik's old base in the Special Zone, the Egg Fortress. They want him to develop a device that can control the magical power of the Miracle Planet, so they can use it for their evil plans.

Issue #60

Robotnik has finally captured Sonic, but has to join forces with him to defeat the Metallixes, which have become too powerful. All entrances to the Special Zone have been sealed, and Sonic is the only one who can still enter it by powering up a Star Post with his speed. He arrives just in time to see the last of the Metallixes and their Emperor depart to the Miracle Planet, but is unable to stop them.

Issue #61

Sonic, Amy, Johnny and Porker enter the Miracle Planet over the chain that connects it to Mobius. They try to use the underground cave system on the planet to do a sneak attack, but are found by a Metallix guard. Amy defeats the robot with a shot in its neck circuity, the only weak spot. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood uses the Alpha Device that Grimer made to draw energy from the planet, and turn it into a mechanical wasteland.

Issue #62

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get this issue <sob>. All I can tell is that Sonic and his team stopped the Metallixes somehow, and that Porker Lewis didn't make it back in time and got stuck on the planet until its next appearance over Mobius.

(continued in issue #67: The Return of Chaotix)

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Project Brutus

Issue #63 - #66

Issue #63

Robotnik has created a new kind of robot commander called Brutus, almost indestructible and equipped with the brain patterns of Robotnik himself (for those who have read some of the fan-fiction stories... this one reminds me a lot of Packbell). When reports indicate that Sonic has been seen in the Pleasant Zone, Brutus leads a platoon of robots into the zone to finish the hedgehog on his own, without informing Robotnik.

Issue #64

Sonic and his friends loose in the first confrontation and have to flee, but Brutus tracks them down by following Sonic's heat trail with his infra-red sensors. One of the troopers is able to grab Amy (that girl should rent herself out as a professional hostage) and Sonic has to surrender. Brutus puts them in chains, and revels in his triumph.

Issue #65

Brutus disobeys Robotnik's orders by parading his prisoners through the streets in chains to glorify their defeat instead of immediately returning to Citadel Robotnik as ordered. Robotnik has to repeat the order. Brutus gets angry about being nothing more than Robotnik's robot slave, and hits one of his troopers who makes a comment to this fact. Amy is able to grab the gun that has been dropped by that trooper and gives Brutus a full blast.

Sonic and friends make a run for it, with Brutus and his troops close behind. Brutus uses his anti-gravity unit to attack from above. Just as everything seems to be lost, Sonic is driven too far, and the stress transforms him into Super Sonic.

Issue #66

Again Brutus captures Amy, hoping that Super Sonic won't attack while she is close to him. But as Super Sonic, Sonic can't control himself and just wants to destroy everything in sight. Brutus looses an arm in the fight and has to flee with the rest of his troops.

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