Profile of Vixie Lamenta

Picture of Vixie Lamenta Name: Vixie Lamenta
Gender: Female
Species: Red Fox
Age: 9
Birthday: 02-22-3218
Relatives: Maxwell Lamenta (father) and Mary-Ann Lamenta (mother). Both roboticized after Robotnik's takeover of Vixie's hometown, Northbreeze.

Profile: Vixie Lamenta used to live in the city of Northbreeze until 2-26-3236, only a few days after her very unhappy birthday. Vixie's mother and father were roboticized by Robotnik before her very own eyes, and the evil Doctor planned on getting Vixie as well. Yet Vixie escaped with two other hedgehogs named Zip and Annie. After their re-capture, they were set into a labyrinth for Robotnik's amusement, and it was there where they met the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

After their escape, Vixie was quickly considered an asset to the group. She took a special liking to Bunnie, and is her mentor. Currently she resides in a 2-story house in Knothole along with a vixen named Sasha.

Abilities / Weaknesses: Vixie can jump amazingly high, has a dry wit and sharp sense of humor. She's quick to insult Robotnik with snappy taunts and does a fairly good job of that for a nine-year-old. Vixie has a great nature, and she displays it often. She's Tails' second best friend.

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