Profile of Zonik the Hedgehog

Picture of Zonik the Hedgehog Name: Zonik the Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Species: Evil Hedgehog Clone
Age: Unknown
Birthday: A short time before Doomsday
Relatives: None

Profile: Zonik the Hedgehog is an evil cyborg clone of Sonic, created during the Doomsday Project to defeat the Knothole Freedom Fighters. He looks almost exactly like the real Sonic, except that his eyes start to glow in a deep red color when his emotions take over. He is super-fast, has the same abilities as the real Sonic, and a mean attitude. After the disappearance of Robotnik he joined forces with Snively to fulfil his evil scheme. However, he is far from being a recipient of orders. He secretly built his own Clone Labs inside an abandoned building in Robotropolis, where he tries to perfect the cloning process and make enough allies to take over control.

Abilities / Weaknesses: Same abilities as Sonic the Hedgehog, including his wits, super-speed and highly-developed fighting skills. No known weaknesses, except maybe his huge ego, which matches the one of the real Sonic.

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