Profile of Taylz the Fox

Picture of Taylz the Fox Name: Taylz the Fox
Gender: Male
Species: Fox Clone (with two tails)
Age: Unknown
Birthday: At an unknown date in Zonik's Clone Labs
Relatives: None

Profile: Taylz the Fox is a cyborg clone of Miles Prower, better known by his nickname, Tails. He looks almost exactly like his counterpart, except that his eyes start to glow red when under pressure, a flaw that all clones seem to have. He is the very first creation from Zonik's Clone Labs, created by Zonik the Hedgehog himself, to test the functionality of his Secret Cloning Plant. If Taylz proves to be efficient in the fight against the Freedom Fighters, Zonik might even produce more of them.

Abilities / Weaknesses: Same abilities as the real Tails, including the ability to fly by spinning his twin tails like a propeller. Taylz acts strange sometimes, almost like someone who doesn't really want to be evil and sneak up on trespassing Freedom Fighters. Probably Zonik got too close to the original fox DNA in his first cloning attempt, thus copying too much of the original personality. However, a clone is a clone, so it's better not to trust him very far...

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