Profile of Kenal Skyer

Picture of Kenal Skyer Name: Kenal Skyer
Gender: Male
Species: Griffin
Age: 11 (as of Doomsday)
Birthday: The day of Robotnik's takeover in 3224
Relatives: Kenal's father died as a workerbot. Kenal's brother, King (Kishar) Skyer, gave his life to free other roboticized griffins during a mission in Robotropolis. No information available about his mother.

Profile: Kenal Skyer is the last surviving member of the griffins' former royal line. Most of the other griffins are violently xenophobic, to the point where Kenal refuses to return to them. While roboticized, he used to serve in Snively's labs and as Snively's personal scout. His brother eventually deroboticized him by using a deroboticizer that the griffins invented, but Snively had modified Kenal's brain in a way which could not be undone. The computer which controls his implants also sometimes tries to control his personality - which, combined with the intensive training that is the griffin equivalent of education, occasionally turns him into one of the most calculating, diabolical living beings on Mobius. Unless they are very familiar with Kenal's usual personality, no one can tell when this change occurs. The partial deroboticization has lead Kenal to identify with Bunnie, although he often manages to get the rabbit mad at him.

Dulcy has adopted Kenal in the same sense that Sally adopted Tails, although Dulcy does not limit Kenal's activities. Only Dulcy's presence allows Kenal to sleep peacefully at night, for his memories interrupt every pleasant dream and substitute a nightmare.

Abilities / Weaknesses: Not fully known. Roboticization remnants allow photographic memory and computer analysis. Natural flight, stealth, and claws which can cut metal. Largest weakness is probably psychological: between his nearly undetectable implants (read: imperfect deroboticization), his alienation of Home, his constant nightmares, and his befriending of a dragon - the traditional enemy of griffins - his emotional stability is not the best.

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