Sonic Stories by Jason Northage

All of the stories listed are protected under copyright law by their respective authors, based on characters created by Service and Games (SEGA), and on characters created by Archie Comic Publications, Inc.

Metal Sonic
Written by: Jason Northage
The Freedom Fighters are not having a good day. Not only do they have to deal with Robotnik's newest and deadliest weapon yet, they also have to face a new enemy, Sonic himself, who gets captured and roboticized by Dr. Robotnik. Fortunately they get some help by unseen benefactors, who decidedly turn the tables on Robotnik once and for all. It's all or nothing in the explosive rewrite to the "Doomsday" episode!

I Hedgehog
Written by: Jason Northage
Who is the mysterious black hedgehog? That's the question Sonic and the Freedom Fighters are asking themselves when Uncle Chuck discovers a new hedgehog being held captive by Dr. Robotnik. Could it be a relative of Sonic? Or maybe something more ominous and evil? And to add more to the problem, the Freedom Fighters are dissapearing one by one, and Sonic is starting to loose his popularity among his friends. Can he solve the mystery of the second hedgehog before all his friends dissapear? It'll be a "Scorch"-ing time in the ol' forest tonight as Sonic takes on his most bizarre enemy to date!

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie
Written by: Jason Northage
Ten years after the fall of Robotnik finds a new, rebuilt, and once again peaceful Mobius. People have been de-roboticized, villages have been reclaimed, and families have flourished. For Queen Sally and King Sonic, life could not be more idyllic, for they have finally found the peace they sought for so long, with their new family and friends. Their peaceful life is shattered when someone or something from outer space, who has been keeping tabs on Robotnik, gets curious as to why communications has been broken. It's a dark day for our heroes, as Sonic, a young hedgehog girl, a blast from the past, and Uncle Chucks newest invention are the last line of defense for the planet. Can they re-unite the scattered Freedom Fighters and defeat Mechanix and his deadly mechanical army, bent on continuing Robotniks work?

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