Sonic Stories by Jesse Nelson

All of the stories listed are protected under copyright law by their respective authors, based on characters created by Service and Games (SEGA), and on characters created by Archie Comic Publications, Inc.

Grammar and writing errors corrected by Alessandro Sanasi. :)

Sonic the Hedgehog: Quick to Judge
Written by: Jesse Nelson
The Freedom Fighters get note about transport with prisoners from the Cat Country, and try to free them. What they don't know is that Robotnik has just equipped his SWATbots with a new kind of cloaking device. Also, one of the cats Sally has already met during her childhood, under quite horrible circumstances...

Sonic the Hedgehog: Fast Enough?
Written by: Jesse Nelson
Robotnik has a plan to lower Sonic's selfconfidence, and it's working. Sonic feels like he isn't fast enough to save his friends, but is that all in his mind?

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