Sonic Stories by Erin Lindsey

All of the stories listed are protected under copyright law by their respective authors, based on characters created by Service and Games (SEGA), and on characters created by Archie Comic Publications, Inc.

Usually I don't put fan fiction on my page that follows the continuity used in the Sonic comic published by Archie, but I found the following stories to be so well-written and entertaining that I made an exception, which is indeed a very high compliment to the author. :) Trust me, those stories are really worth reading.

Friend or Foe? - Part 1 & 2
Written by: Erin Lindsey
The first two parts of a 5 part mini-series. Knuckles is reunited with an old friend, but not for long. The mysterious animal doesn't have time to chat because he is the victim of a terrible accident, which Knuckles blames himself for. Unknown to Knuckles though, his old "friend" ends up in Knothole still alive. Neither Sonic nor Knuckles know if this guy is friend of foe...

Past to Present (Friend or Foe Part 3)
Written by: Erin Lindsey
Knuckles tells about his past with Clawz in a compelling tale of friendship, trust, and how things just go plain wrong...

The Falling Island (Friend or Foe Part 4)
Written by: Erin Lindsey
Clawz is just starting to feel at home in Knothole when he meets another person from his past whom he can't refuse to help. But said person intends to steal the Master Emerald, which makes Knuckles' island float...

Triple Trouble (Friend or Foe Part 5)
Written by: Erin Lindsey
The Chaos Emerald has been stolen and the Floating Island has fallen to the sea! Knuckles, Sonic and Tails have to team up to get it back, but will they be in time? Clawz meets yet another tradegy, and everyone starts pointing fingers. Will he ever be able to get his real friends back?

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