Sonic Stories by Ian Kubitza

All of the stories listed are protected under copyright law by their respective authors, based on characters created by Service and Games (SEGA), and on characters created by Archie Comic Publications, Inc.

Project: Doomsday Part I
Written by: Ian Kubitza
In this Alternate Universe pre-doomsday mini series we get a taste of how the Freedom Fighters' thoughts of success mix with their emotions. Tails gets a sweet new addition, Sonic dreams of completing an inhuman task, and Sally worries for everyones life.

Project: Doomsday Part II
Written by: Ian Kubitza
After Tails' death, Knothole grieves deeply. But there is no rest for the inhabitants of Knothole. A supply train for Project Doomsday is on the way. Destroying it could give them a three week jump on the Lord-of-Lard. And guess who comes along for the ride?

Project: Doomsday Part III
Written by: Ian Kubitza
The thrilling conclusion of the Doomsday mini-series.

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