Sonic Stories by Kurt Kieser

All of the stories listed are protected under copyright law by their respective authors, based on characters created by Service and Games (SEGA), and on characters created by Archie Comic Publications, Inc.

Usually I don't put fan fiction on my page that include too many elements from the Sonic comic published by Archie, but the following stories managed to mix the Archie Sonic continuity so nicely with the SatAM Sonic continuity that I decided to give it a try.

Only Death Will Part Us Now
Written by: Kurt Kieser
Rotor risks his life when he attempts to destroy Robotnik's power plants. Will he ever be able to tell Bunnie his true feelings toward her?

The Star of Death
Written by: Kurt Kieser
Sally is Holmes to Sonic's Watson, as the two try to find a murderer and the thief of the Star of Rhodesia crystal. Set in Lower Mobius. The solution to the mystery is 'elementary my dear Sonic', as Sally likes to say.

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