Sonic X Trailer Download

Finally, the first Sonic X trailer is available for download. ;) Please click on the links below to get it.

Sonic X Trailer
.RM version 926394 byte

Note: since several people seemed to have problems with the DivX-encoded trailer, I've replaced it with a version recorded in RealMedia format. This should solve any replay problems, and the quality seems to be better too.
To play back the .RM (RealMedia) file, your system must either support this format, or have the RealPlayer software installed. The free version of RealPlayer 8 can be downloaded by clicking on the Real logo to the right.

Here are a few links where you should always be able to download complete episodes of the latest Sonic X cartoon in RealMedia format (usually approx. 40 MB, so it would be wise to use a program that supports aborted downloads, should anything go wrong).
Download Link #1 Download Link #2 Download Link #3
Legal disclaimer: I would like to indicate that those links are for informational purposes only. I am NOT responsible for the contents to which those links point to, or if said contents violate any copyright or other laws.

Also, I've made English subtitles for the RealMedia versions of the first and second episode in SMIL format (SMIL stands for Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language and is a nice way to add subtitles to a video without modifying the actual file).


  1. Download the SMIL document (.SMIL file, see below) by right-clicking on the link and choosing Save Link As...

  2. Download the subtitle document (.RT file, see below) by right-clicking on the link and choosing Save Link As...

  3. Put both files into the same directory as the RealMedia file of your "Sonic X" episode.

  4. Rename the RealMedia file into son_x_01.rm / son_x_02.rm (if it hasn't this name already).

  5. Start the son_x_01.smil / son_x_02.smil file by opening it with RealPlayer or by double-clicking on it, and the video should play with subtitles. ;)

Episode 1

Episode 2


By the way, it took me several hours to make those subtitles, so please don't copy those files to other websites.

Note: some people reported that the subtitles for episode 2 were out of sync by approx. 10 seconds. This is not really a fault on my part; for several episodes exist more than one version in .RM-format, and I used one that has an extra copyright added right after the intro and at the end by the person who ripped and converted the video. That's why in my file, the actual movie starts 10 seconds later, and of course I made the subtitles to match this.

To fix this problem, simply open the file son_x_02.smil with a plain text editor (e.g. Windows EDIT) and look for the following lines:

   <textstream src="son_x_02.rt" region="text_region" fill="freeze"/>
   <video src="son_x_02.rm" region="video_region" fill="freeze"/>

Then change the line <video src= to look like this:

   <textstream src="son_x_02.rt" region="text_region" fill="freeze"/>
   <video src="son_x_02.rm"  begin="10s"  region="video_region" fill="freeze"/>

This will cause your video to start 10 seconds later than the subtitles, so the subtitles will match again. You can also set other time values, e.g. begin="9s", until you have a perfect fit. ;)

And in case you ever get a file in which the subtitles play 10 seconds late, simply add the begin="10s" part to the <textstream src= line.

Preview tailer for the other Sonic X episodes

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Episode 20 Preview Episode 21 Preview Episode 22 Preview

Thanks to Christian Kalk ( for his help and source material.
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