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As most of you Sonic fans out there have already heard, Knuckles The Echidna is making some guest appearences in "Sonic Underground too. Here are a few screenshots showing Knuckles and the "Sonic Underground gang together.

Special thanks once again goes to Mary 'Solly' Yamasaki (") for providing the VHS copies of the series.

Sonic and friends on the Floating Island

Knuckles close-up

The episode titles Knuckles is appearing in are

Friend Or Foe? written by Kevin Donahue
(first appearence of Knuckles)
Flying Fortress written by Mark Edens
(starring Knuckles and Athair from the Archie comic series)
No Hedgehog is an Island written by Matt Edens
(Flying Fortress part 2)
New Echidna in Town written by Matt Edens
(Flying Fortress part 3)

And here are some more MPEG videoclips from the cartoon that you can download:
Sonic Underground MPEG clip #3
(724.996 Byte)
Manic giving a sample of his pickpocket skills, which he learned when having to fend for himself as a kid, before he met Sonic and Sonia.
Sonic Underground MPEG clip #4
(1.525.764 Byte)
Since this clip has more dialogue than usual, here is the translated text:

Sleet: Well, well, Sophia! Looks like you belong to us.
Sonia: Don't worry, 'Slick', I'll be out of here in a Sonic second.
Sleet: Brave words from someone who will soon be! What is that?
Sonic: I bet you are wondering why I called this meeting.
Sleet: Priority red, the hedgehog!
Sonic: Right here and at your service.
Sleet (steps back and falls into the hole that Sonic made): Yaaaaaah!!
Sonic: Don't you hate it when that happens?

Sonic Underground MPEG clip #5
(3.764.228 Byte)
This is one of the bigger MPEG files, a musical interlude showing Sonia's dream of going to the Debutante Ball in the Royal Palace (each episode contains one brief song or stage performance). I put it here to show how much the over-use of computer effects can ruin the flow of a story. Here is a summary of the 'dream sequence' as it was originally described:

We start on a bandstand in the ballroom, where Sonic, Manic and Sonic are playing. Sonia leaves the stage and dances through the crowd, dances with Barnaby (the guy with the blond hair, for which Sonia has a serious crush), then dances with Sonic (who doesn't quite enjoy it, so she spins him away again).

Then Sonia walks down a stairway, goes past a line of handsome royal guys, but Sonia spins past them all, only teasing them. Finally she reaches Barnaby and starts dancing with him, to the applause of everyone.

Sonia dances back onto the stage to sing her finish, hugging Sonic and Manic, which ends the dream sequence, showing Sonia still holding onto her siblings.

Ok, and now watch the videoclip and tell me how much of that 'dream story' you would have been able to piece together on your own, with all those added effects and mixing of scenes. :)

Sonic Underground MPEG clip #6
(874.500 Byte)
Once again Robotnik is holding a race to lure Sonic into a trap. In this small videoclip Sleet is morphing his partner Dingo into someone who is able to take part in said race without anyone recognizing him.

Does this idea with the race sound familiar, and is anyone reminded of the "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" series when watching this clip? :)

Sonic Underground MPEG clip #7
(950.276 Byte)
Here Manic tries using his drum set to break open a locked door with the sound waves, but instead only brings the ceiling down... almost.
Sonic Underground MPEG clip #8
(837.636 Byte)
Sonic and Sonia trapped in the mirror... and Sonia getting a funny hair-do when trying to escape.

Source: TF1 Television France
Video provided by Mary Yamasaki

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