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Here you can see a selection of screenshots and videoclips from the new Sonic cartoon "Sonic Underground". Special thanks goes to Mary 'Solly' Yamasaki (") for sending me a VHS copy of the cartoon (French version, alas in not-so-good quality due to recording problems), to Hung-Tien Vu for converting it from SECAM to PAL, and to Thomas Pitt (") for e-mailing me undistorted screenshots from the UK version, as replacement for the French ones that I had originally used for this page. ;)

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Sonic Underground Intro

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The Good Guys ...

Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic The Hedgehog
One character that definitely doesn't need to be introduced is Sonic the Hedgehog. He is the fastest and coolest hedgehog in all of Mobius. His famous Super Spin lets him buzz right through walls, robots, and any obstacle Robotnik can come up with. Sonic wears anti-gravity sneakers which let him zoom a few feet above the ground and leave a streaking blue blur in midair. He also wears a magic guitar-shaped medaillon which instantly transforms into his instrument (a guitar) upon his command.
Manic Hedgehog Manic Hedgehog
One of the new characters in "Sonic Underground" is Sonic's brother Manic. Being a drummer, his brain can sometimes be too busy listening to his own unique beat to focus on what's happening arond him. He doesn't have any speed skills like Sonic; the only one he has mastered so far is speed drumming. Manic's magic medaillon is shaped like a drum, and transforms into a drumset upon his request. Manic also carries a set of drumsticks around whereever he goes, and pulls them out to play practice riffs on rocks, trees, and even SWATbot heads.
Sonia Hedgehog Sonia Hedgehog
Another new character is Sonic's sister Sonia. Her musical instrument is a portable keyboard synthesizer which also serves her as a gun. While Sonia doesn't have Sonic's speed, she has an unique ability: the Super Twirl, which lets her accelerate into a whirlwind spiral. Although Sonia is a girl who can take care for herself and never hesitates meeting any challenge that comes along, she also has a kind heart and takes the emotional part in many adventures. Like most young girls, she has a crush for handsome good-looking males.

... the Bad Guys ...

Dr. Robotnik Dr. Robotnik
Robotnik is the ultimate villain, which we all love to hate. He is as mean and evil-looking as always, and more determined to catch Sonic and his siblings than ever, removing the last threat that stands between his final triumph. A prophecy told Robotnik that planet Mobius would one day be ruled in peace by a Council of Four - Queen Aleena and their three children: Sonic, Manic and Sonia. To prevent this from becoming reality, Robotnik is eager to capture the Queen, who has gone into hiding, as well as Sonic and his band.
Sleet and Dingo Sleet and Dingo
Sleet and Dingo are two bounty hunters who work for Robotnik, and are basically second-in-command after the dictator. Both are constantly plotting ingenious ways of outwitting Sonic. While Sleet is the evil calculating brains of the duo, the muscular but more simple-minded Dingo has the ability to transform into any object he wants, providing an even more serious danger for Sonic and his siblings.
New Model SWATbot New Model SWATbot
The new model SWATbots are meaner and more dangerous than the version in the previous cartoon series. They are all hi-tech, sporting a red metal body and dark grey metal limbs. Like their predecessors, the new SWATbots also sport a laser gun in their arm, although a lot more powerful. However, for Sonic and his siblings they are still easy to outsmart, as long as they don't appear in large numbers.

... and the Show.

Sibling Rivalry The Sonic Underground Van Sonic and siblings in the van
"Sonic Underground" gets spiced up by the usual 'sibling rivalries'. Like most siblings, they feel free to complain when they don't instantly agree on something. Sonic and his siblings have a funky VW camper-style van, which is their group transport as well as "rolling headquarters". The van is equipped with hover-engines, allowing it to fly above ground, as well as all the equipment the trio needs. Sonic and siblings in the van. And of course, to be in agreement with the current 'security' standards, everyone wears seatbelts too.
Dream Sequence / Musical Interlude Dream Sequence / Musical Interlude Dream Sequence / Musical Interlude
Because "Sonic Underground" has to do a lot with music, there will be one song per episode, which will either be presented as a performance, where the group is actually playing in some kind of concert setting, or as some kind of dream sequence, similar to an MTV music clip.

Alas, since the show was done with the aid of computers, especially those dream sequences can be literally laden with computer effects, like overlapping and / or moving images, 'water' effects, picture deforming and lots more, which is sometimes too much to be good.

Tennis Challenge Why oh why... Drumming Performance
Sonic challenging Manic for a tennis match. "Why oh why can't there also be a Tails, Sally, Bunnie etc. etc. in this cartoon, like it was in the previous series?" Manic giving the audience a taste of his unique beat.

And here is your chance to download some small MPEG video clips of the cartoon!
Sonic Underground MPEG clip #1   (837.636 Byte)
Sonic Underground MPEG clip #2   (925.700 Byte)

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Source: TF1 Television France
Video provided by Mary Yamasaki

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