Sonic Shuffle

Void After Sonic's adventures in the side scrolling realm, 3D adventure, 3D fighter, and 3D racer, now Sonic the Hedgehog is getting his own digital board game: "Sonic Shuffle".

Unlike the previous Sonic games, this time Sonic has to fight a completely new enemy called Void. Void has locked up the power of the Precioustones, which are crystals made from the dreams and hopes of people everywhere. Of course, a Guardian Angel called Illumina can't allow this to happen, so she calls Sonic and friends to recover the Precioustones and save the land of Maginary Whirl (I'm sure NiGHTS fans will immediately feel at home with this storyline).

"Sonic Shuffle" takes place on a 'game board' and features about 50 different mini games, and although it can best be compared to "Mario Party", there are still a few differences. Here the movement is determined by drawing cards from a digital deck, that tell you how many spaces to advance, but they feature more prominently into the game as well.

Sonic Shuffle Screenshot Sonic Shuffle Screenshot Sonic Shuffle Screenshot

Available from the start are five boards, each with a different 'theme' (much line the 'zones' in the previous games). Landing in certain spaces on the board will give you Power-Ups or penalize you. The real area of interest comes about when you and the other players land in the various colored spaces. Depending on your arrangement on the board, the whole lot of you will enter a mini game, where it's everyone for himself, two on two, or three on one. During the game, you will also get valuable hints from Illumina.

Sonic Shuffle Screenshot Sonic Shuffle Screenshot
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Up to four players can play the game simultaneously and choose from up to eight different characters (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and four 'secret' ones). Of course, each character retains his trademark moves, with Sonic moving at lightning speed, Tails being able fly, Knuckles being able to climb, and so on.

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