Sonic Adventure Fan Comic
- Preview 2 -

I guess many of you already wondered when (and if) the pretty popular Sonic Adventure comic by Eva Richarte Prieto would be continued. Alas, I was unable to contact her during the last months, so I didn't know what was going on (all my e-mails and even postal letters to her remained unanswered).

However, last week I FINALLY got an e-mail from Eva, in which she told me that she is now working half-day at a videogame store, which takes away quite a bit of her free time. Also, she said that she now has her own computer, but no internet connection at home yet, which probably explains why I didn't get a reply from her earlier.

But best of all, she promised me to continue the comic AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, and then immediately send me the next chapter. ;)

Since I still don't know when EXACTLY a new part will arrive, I decided to put up another preview part for the time being, which you see below. It's a sneak peek at the 'Perfect Chaos' chapter, and one page where Amy meets Sonic. Hope you all like it.

Please click on the page-icons to download larger versions of the preview pages (each page is roughly 130 000 byte).

Amy meets Sonic Perfect Chaos Page 1 Perfect Chaos Page 2
Perfect Chaos Page 3 Perfect Chaos Page 4 Perfect Chaos Page 5
Perfect Chaos Page 6 Perfect Chaos Page 7 Perfect Chaos Page 8
Perfect Chaos Page 9 Perfect Chaos Page 10 Perfect Chaos Page 11

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