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Sonic WWW Chat
ICQ World-Wide Pager
AOL Instant Messenger (TM)

Sonic WWW Chat

Beside Sonic Chat Rooms like those on IRC there are also some WWW/Java-based chats available, which you can join directly with your web browser.

Click here to join the Sonic Chat Page at http://jupiter.beseen.com

Other Chat Pages:

Freedom Fighter Chat
Knothole Chat
SoniXSector Chat
The Sonic NET Chat
The Sonic NeTwOrK

ICE Sonic Chat at http://www.spin.de

If one has a chat on his/her homepage, the biggest problem is to get enough people at the same time into the chat. ICE is the solution: One chat system but a thousand entries to it. You can join immediately by using the window below.

You either do not use a Java capable browser or you have Java disabled.
Please get a Java capable browser (e.g. Netscape 3.x or 4.x - 32 bit versions), otherwise you will not be able to use this chat.

You may also join other existing channels or make your own channels. Just enter '/help' during a chat session to see a list of all the commands available.

ICQ World-Wide Pager

The ICQ program makes the Internet a truly real-time, two way, interactive, person-to-person global communication system. It enables you to "dial" anyone on the Net at your discretion, without having to make any prior arrangements with him or her. In fact, the recipient of the call needs only to install this program. There after, he or she will always, when on the Internet, be alerted when you are contacting him/her. The program will indicate to you who of your list of designated frequent contacts is logged-in at any given point in time, ready to receive Internet communications.

ICQ allows you to send messagges to a person in your ICQ address book, and they'll receive it immediately if online or later whenever they activate the program. It also notifies you when a person is online, has built-in File Transfer, Chat, URL transfer, and if you have a homepage this will help you get some promotion.

Please click on one of the links below to download the latest ICQ software from the Mirabilis Website.

ICQ for Windows 95/98/NT4 - 99b Beta v.3.19 Build #2569
ActiveList Server ver. 0.5 build #9 - In order to run your own ActiveList you need to download the server.
Upgrading Utility - Downloading the Most Up to Date Versions of ICQ
ICQ for Windows CE - v0.97 Preview
ICQ for Windows 3.1x - v1.111 Beta
ICQ for PowerPC - v1.7.2 Beta
ICQ for 68K Mac - v1.7.2 Beta
ICQ for JAVA - v0.981a Preview
ICQ for Windows NT 3.5x - v1.113 Beta
ICQ Customized Versions - ICQ for Bigfoot & Netmeeting
The ICQ for PalmPilot - 0.99b Beta version
ICQ Surf Alpha Version - for Windows 95, 98 and NT.

After you have finish installing please check out:
  Technical Support ICQ Tours  
ICQ Networks ICQ AtoZ Topics Index Whitepages Search ICQ Newsgroups
ICQ Greetings ICQ Panels Game Request ICQ Sound Schemes

Once the program is installed you will be able to dial any person on your list over their Universal Internet Number (UIN) and communicate with them easily.

ICQ runs in the background and allows you to work and play on other applications while keeping track of incoming messages as well as the log-in status of your Internet associates.

Sonic Fans on ICQ (excerpt)

Nickname: Real Name: UIN #: e-mail:
Artie Mike Reyes 5786763 mrartemis@aol.com
Bryan Bryan Clark 3735281 bclark@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu
Caycay Maringa Mikic 53760047 Maringa.J.Mikic@erziehung.uni-giessen.de
DanBee Daniel B. 1603877 danbee@cyberclub.iol.ie
Davin Davin Denille 1073477 sboling@worldnet.att.net
DJC Mike Michael Hansen 297953 djc-mike@powerzone.dk
Dulcy Aaron Lye 3940539 prower@pacific.net.sg
FireFox Fire Fox 2429862 Fire-Fox@rocketmail.com
foxstar Drew Rhine 2504045 Foxstar0k0@earthlink.com
Genezix Echidnot Genezix K. Echidnot 319717 genezix@hotmail.com
Glazius Paul Arezina 5020295 arezina@acad1.stvincent.edu
Illys Jeanette Merrell 361212 merrell@erols.com
Jaybird Jason Shank 408270 sonic2@postoffice.ptd.net
Jesty Echidna Adam Bryant 2182387 P_Bryant@Prodigy.Net
KiriMegami Alexandra Moncayo Ortega 2610533 alexmon1@data.net.mx
Knuckles Benjamin Lee Johnson 3117076 benj@ozramp.net.au
Kopihue Robert Bulo 307816 kopihue@asan.com
Magnus Magnus Andersson 52873206 rubens.barrichello@swipnet.se
MechaSonic Mech Lean 4546355 mechas0nlc@aol.com
MechTail Paul Lapensee 673864 butcher@iaw.on.ca
megasonic Christian Roth 37933492 Megasonic@gmx.net
MetalSonic Dennis Schäfer 5100390 MetalSonic@gmx.net
MilesT Tim Anderson 437171 vanderson@widomaker.com
MTails ? 492874
Omni Echidna Dave Bulmer 1426274 davebulmer@idealcreations.fsnet.co.uk
Rage the Echidna Ryan Thompson 3638262 mr_ryan_thompson@hotmail.com
Ruby Echidna Dawn Best 4542287 luna@csrlink.net
Sc_Sonic Brandon Morey 3113335 sc7sonic@aol.com
Sir Kain Eric Goodwin 434233 sirkain@erols.com
Sonic El Toro Brian Morrison 2570199 ktosh@michiana.org
Sonic_H Andy Watts 667911 sonic@dial.pipex.com
Sonic Tank Thomas Blumenau 37768004 Thomas.Blumenau@t-online.de
Spectre Nikki Amie-Fong 493833 spectre@stealth.com.au
Spides Spides Terrex 540508 spdes@ihug.co.nz
Star Hedgehog Jonathan Lipscomb 3059126 lipscomb@i-55.com
Stuf J. Stefan Rimaila 4415184 steffi@sci.fi
Tails A.J. Freda 452107 tails@michcom.com
TailsTT Damian Rogers 1824463 TailsTT@aol.com
Tiara.B Lucy 2879489 tiara_boobowski@hotmail.com
Tyro Alessandro Sanasi 661511 <see main page>
Ultra Knuckles Ben Johnson 5387751 ultra_knuckles7@hotmail.com
Xeen Eric Curzi 550078 randi@concentric.net
Yooper Joel Prusi 648489 jwprusi@up.net

AOL Instant Messenger (TM)

AOL Instant Messenger (TM) allows you to communicate instantly via private, real-time text messages, which can be sent to and from AOL members as well as friends on the internet who have installed this tool. You will know immediately when one of your friends goes online. You simply add contacts to a Buddy List and can then start a chat with those persons any time he/she is online.

Alas there's no three-way chat yet, and you'd have to use e-mail to contact this person offline. But so far, it's the only way I know to find out if someone on AOL is online and contact him directly without being an AOL member yourself.

AOL Instant Messenger is currently only for Windows Platforms, but the MAC version should be released soon.

Click here to download the Instant Messenger program from the AOL web site.

Click here to download the Netscape AOL Instant Messenger, if you prefer to have it integrated in your Netscape browser.

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