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Meet Other Sonic Fans Online

Hi, my name is Tyro, and I would like to give you an introduction to the Sonic-themed MUCK games on the internet, where all kind of fans of the blue blur come to play and have fun in a text-adventure based environment.

Here you can meet many other Sonic the Hedgehog fans online and explore Knothole, the Great Forest, Robotropolis and lots of other cool places to visit and play in. Join the fight against Robotnik in Virtual Reality (and against a few other villains too).

General MUCK Info:
Introduction to MUCKs
Getting started
MUCK Client Programs

List of MUCKs to choose from:
Sociopolitical Ramifications MUCK
The best chance to meet me there 'in person' is on weekends between 5:00pm and 7:00pm EST, but you can also try on any other day or time.

At the moment, it is EST time in Eatstern Standard Time.

Introduction to MUCKs

A MUCK is very similar to what is known as a MUD, a Multi-User Database. MUDs are run like huge text adventure games that are capable of running in realtime and of handling a multitude (sometimes hundreds) of players at one time. In those games you are given a character, with which you can explore the MUD environment, fight monsters, get treasure, buy better equipment, and so forth.

MUCKs are a variation on this, in that the phenomenon of being able to have several players online at once, interacting in realtime, can be valuable for social purposes. MUCKs essentially drop the gaming environment in favor of open "roleplaying" and social interaction between "players". The best way to understand MUCKs is seeing them as huge text adventure games, where you can walk around by typing in directions, pick up and carry things around and talk to others by typing say message.

Getting started

To connect to a MUCK you need to establish a telnet connection to it. Telnet is a text communication protocol used by internet computers, which allows two computers to communicate in a text based environment in real time.

Windows 95 users can simply use the in-built telnet application. Click on the START icon on the toolbar, choose RUN, then type

telnet site port
You can eighter use the domain name address or the numeric IP address to connect, for example
telnet mobius.azaccess.com 3333
telnet 3333
When the "Welcome to..." screen appears, type
connect guest guest
and hit return. You will be connected to a guest character, which you can use to explore the MUCK and interact with others there. Once you have received your own character, you can use that one instead by typing
connect name password
For example, if your character name is "Hamlin" and your password is "pig" you would have to type
connect Hamlin pig
To connect from a UNIX system you would simply type the following from the command promt at the unix shell:
$telnet mobius.azaccess.com 3333
Though you can access a MUCK with any general-purpose telnet application, a client especially designed for this is strongly recommended. Please see the section below for further details.

To register a MUCK in TinyFugue (a popular UNIX MUCK client), you would have to type:

/addworld -T'tiny.muck' muckname site port
If you need further help with using telnet, click here for tips on various telnet clients.

MUCK Client Programs

One problem about telnetting is that, since this is in realtime, what you are typing on the screen may apparently be "interrupted" by incoming data from the MUCK. This can be rather distracting and frustrating. Therefore it is strongly suggested to get a MUCK client program, because they keep input and output separate and also offer a lot of other neat and useful features like automated login and command buttons. Clients like Pueblo even support sound and graphic on Pueblo-enhanced MUCKs.

MUCK clients are available for almost any type of computer and operating system out there, and are ultimate in communication interfaces.

Please choose a client program for the specific system your computer runs on from the list below.


Tinyfugue (tf)


Tinyfugue (tf)


TinyFugue (tf)



Mobius is a place where people the world over can come together and role play in a "Sonic the Hedgehog" themed environment. This MUCK follows the continuity set forth by Archie Comic Publications and SEGA, but all aspects of Sonic fandom are allowed, from the games to fan fiction stories to the cartoon show.

If you happen to enjoy visiting online chatrooms, and chatting with friends, this is no different. The text based world of MobiusMUCK offers real ineraction with Sonic or the rest of the cast, and allows you to fulfil that dream of being able to go up and say "Hi" to Sonic or your favorite character from the fandom. It's a really cool twist on the plain old chatroom because you'll be in the world of Mobius, and able to play a role in the overall outcome of there.

Picture of Charmy Bee You don't have to be a main character from the comics, games, or cartoon series. You don't have to be a Bunnie, an Uncle Chuck, or a King Acorn to join up; everyone is welcome. With only a little imagination you can pretend to be part of the Sonic Universe.

There's no Tyro on MobiusMUCK, but look for Charmy_Bee if you have any problems or questions. He can help too.

Also check out the Official MobiusMUCK Homepage at This page contains a detailled introduction to what exactly MobiusMUCK is, what it can do for you, and also several tutorials that will teach you commands you need to know an help you getting started on a MUCK.

How to connect:

Connect to MobiusMUCK via numeric IP address ( port 7342)

How to get a character:

The easiest way to get a character on Mobius is by simply typing
while you are connected to the MUCK. You will be asked for a name and e-mail address. Anonymous and semi-anonymous e-mail addresses, including web-based e-mail services, are not acceptable. Your starting password will be sent to your e-mail address, which you can change upon your first login as your new character.

Another way to receive your own character is to find an on-duty wizard and ask for one. First use the command

to find an on-duty wizard. Use the 'page' command to ask the wizard for a character. The syntax is:
page wizard-name = message
You will need to provide the name you want to use and a valid e-mail address. Your starting password will then be sent to the address you give. You can (and should) change this password upon your first login as your new character.

You can also ask for a character by sending an e-mail to totem@ici.net with your preferred name and one or two alternate choices. Your starting password will be returned to you. You may have up to 4 characters on Mobius. To have more than 4 characters requires special approval from the wizard staff.

Please note that if you do not login as your new character for the first time within 21 days of its creation it will be deleted again.


This is a still new roleplaying MUCK based mostly on the Saturday morning Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, the Sonic comic by Archie, player fanfiction and other works.

How to connect:

Connect to ChaosMUCK via domain name address (www.fanfic.com port 3333)
Connect to ChaosMUCK via numeric IP address ( port 3333)

Guest access works like on any other NUCK.

How to get a character:

If you would like to join this MUCK permanently, please send an e-mail to chaosmuck@vnet.net. Addidional information is available on the ChaosMUCK Homepage at http://users.vnet.net/raven3.

No Vampires -- No Werewolves -- No demons! -- No Canon Rip-Offs! ;)

Once you have received your character, all that's left to do is joining a roleplaying group, be it Freedom Fighters, Bad Guys or others. Type

@group #help
for instructions on what groups there are and who to contact.

Additional tips about creating a roleplaying character:

Individual character histories must NOT conflict with the Saturday morning cartoon continuity. All characters must be 'mobian' in origin, though the definition of 'mobian' does not nessesarily mean from Mobius, but refers to -how- their existance is explained. The closer you are to 'normal Mobian' the better the chances your application will be accepted.

Something that could not be seen to exist in the cartoon then it shouldn't be used on this MUCK eighter, even if you saw it in the Archie comic or other sorces. Villains have a little more 'creative licence' than other characters due to their very nature.

If you want your character to use magic, please avoid AD&D / Mortal Combat / The Exorcist / slash-slash-slash type stuff. Try to keep it as Mobian as possible. The Saturday morning show was a kid's cartoon, keep that in mind.

PLEASE try to keep your powers and weapons to a reasonable limit. The villains need to maintain the upper hand. We really don't want superhero-FF's that can wipe out whole troops of SWATBots in a single blow. The good guys win in this game because of their collective effort, not because they carry RPG9000s.

Sociopolitical Ramifications MUCK

Sociopolitical Ramifications (or SPR for short) is a MUCK without a specific theme, but with an emphasis on freedom, creativity, friendliness and sociability. It was founded on 19 September 1994. There is no censorship, restrictions, domination or quotas. SPR, being located in Sweden, has always been a 100% CDA-free MUCK.

For further information, please visit SPRs homepages at http://www.furry.de/spr/spr.html (Germany) and http://www.tigerden.com/~unci/spr.html (USA).

Note: Currently there is only little Sonic play on SPR, because it always takes time to prepare a real game event properly, and most fans are busy with school, their homepage, and things like this. Also, many players left and their areas got deleted. But feel free to come anyway, meet new friends, and maybe even build some Sonic / Mobius areas of your own.

How to connect:

Connect to SPR via domain name address (spr.ctrl-c.liu.se port 23)
Connect to SPR via numeric IP address ( port 23)

How to get a character:

Getting a character on SPR is easy and faster than on most other MUCKs, because they create new characters on the fly. Simply join the game as a guest, then find an on-duty wizard (or helpstaffer with @hsp in his/her help field) by typing
Then page them with your desired name and verifiable e-mail address. The syntax is
page wizard/staff-name = message
Your e-mail address will be registered so that you can be reached easily by the wizards even when the MUCK is down, and for identifying yourself in the case that you forgot your password. This info will be kept confidential.

When the character is successfully created, you will receive a welcome e-mail with your password and further instructions, read it carefully and keep it somewhere safe for future reference. You can then disconnect by typing

in all uppercase letters, and re-connect to the MUCK under your chosen name and password.

If no wizard is online, you can also send an e-mail to chars@spr.ctrl-c.liu.se or chars@svansmoj.ctrl-c.liu.se with the following information:


FluffMUCK is a small furry-based MUCK running on a privately owned machine. It's founders are Zorin and Inkypaws. There is no rigidly defined theme; the overall motif contains furry, high-tech, and Toon aspects, as well as general Fluff-ness, which can loosely be defined as a cuddly friendliness.

For additional info please visit FluffMUCKs homepage at http://www.fluffmuck.org.

How to connect:

Connect to FluffMUCK via domain name address (fluffmuck.org port 8888)

If you have trouble connecting, you can try port 8889 also.

How to get a character:

To get a character on FluffMUCK, please use the CGI-script on http://www.fluffmuck.org/cgi-bin/charrequest.cgi.

Or you can send an e-mail to

with your desired name and password. A maximum of four characters are allowed per person. Please make sure the word "Character" is in the subject field, so the filter program catches it.

The first time you connect with your permanent character, you will be shown the FluffMUCK Acceptable Use Policy, and you will be required to enter your e-mail address as an indication of your acceptance of this policy. This information is kept confidential by the administrators.

How to get to FluffMUCK's Mobius area:

Simply type
run taxi,mocv
This will bring you to Mobius Central Valley. Here is a list of destinations that you could try from there:
MOCV   =  Mobius Central Valley
TFI    =  The Floating Island
SS     =  Sky Sanctuary (built by Ruby Echidna)
MPR    =  Mobius Planning Room in Knothole

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