The Sonic the Hedgehog Mailing Lists

"Friends, you and me
You brought another friend, and then there were three
We started our group, our circle of friends
And like that circle, there is no beginning or end"
At the moment, the recommended lists to subscribe to are
The Sonic Powerzone mailinglist at FRANKEN.DE
This list is currently maintained by Alessandro Sanasi ( (me! me! me!) ;)

The STC (Sonic The Comic) mailinglist at YAHOOGROUPS.COM
This list is owned by David Bulmer (

The Ron Bauerle mailinglist at JUNO.COM
This list is hosted by Ron Bauerle (

The Official Sonic The Hedgehog Club on YAHOO!
This list is hosted by Knux (

The Sonic Zone Newsletter mailinglist at SUNEET.COM
This list is moderated by Suneet Shah ( who also manages a great Sonic page called The Sonic Zone.

The Sonic Powerzone mailinglist

This list is the main choice (I hope) for all fans of the blue blur. Here we discuss the cartoon, the games, the comics, the fan-fiction and everything of importance. It's goal is to give Sonic fans a place where they can feel at home and have a chance to get a preview of what Archie and SEGA is up to.

This is the oldest Sonic mailinglist in existence. It was originally started by RatMan in February 1995, so that fans of the blue guy could talk together and exchange information, images and stories. In February 1996 Michael E. Hansen (Commander Sonic Data) started to host it, and during the next two years the list was moved to three different sites. At the beginning of 1998, I took it over myself, because the latest mailinglist service at COOLLIST.COM was way too unreliable back then.

The rules are simple...

  1. Don't send pictures or large files (unless the rest of the list agrees)
  2. If you want to send a Sonic story, please send it in ASCII text format ONLY (no quoted-printable or WordPerfect files).
  3. Try to keep the topic to Sonic the Hedgehog stuff.

To subscribe, send an e-mail to, with the word subscribe in the message body.

You will receive a Confirmation of Subscription to which you have to reply to validate the request.

To post to the list, send your message to Please note that you have to be subscribed before you can post anything.

If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list again, do as described above but with the word 'subscribe' replaced by 'unsubscribe'. :)

Alternatively, you can also use the web interface of the mailinglist to subscribe or unsubscribe. The URL is

The STC (Sonic The Comic) mailinglist

In the UK, the Sonic Universe evolved totally different than in the US. While Sonic fandom in America is mostly based on the Sonic cartoon series, almost all UK Sonic fandom is based on the Sonic comic published by Fleetway, called "Sonic The Comic". It can best be described as a mix between the Sonic video games made by SEGA and the Sonic books written by Michael Teitelbaum.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about this or just wants to discuss some aspects of the British "Sonic The Comic" series should subscribe to this list.

To subscribe, send an e-mail to

You will then receive a Confirmation of Subscription to which you have to reply to validate the request.

To send e-mails to the list, please use

To unsubscribe, send an e-mail to

And if you want to first take a 'sneak peek' at what's posted to the list, you can also read the latest messages online at

Ron Bauerle's Sonic mailinglist

This list is an expanded version of the original mini-Sonic mailing list. It is not a real mailing list but mainly used for reviews of the Sonic comics and for any news concerning the series or the cartoon show etc.

Ron Bauerle reads through all the messages he receives and sends what looks important or interesting to all the subscribed fans. This kinda makes it a moderated mailinglist, but I can assure you that almost all e-mails will be posted, unless they are totally meaningless.

If you would like to join that list, or if you think you have something interesting to say, please send your request/comments to the list address, or directly to the list owner Ron Bauerle ( If he thinks it's worth it, he will forward it on to the other subscribers :)

This may not the best of solutions to handle things, but nonetheless this list is the best choice if you want lots of first-hand information about the Sonic comics published by Archie.

The Official Sonic The Hedgehog Club

This is the 'Official' Sonic The Hedgehog Club on Yahoo! and also the Flagship Club for a group of clubs called the KSC group, where fans talk about the Fastest Thing Alive: Sonic. Hosted by Knux (

If you want to visit and/or join this club, please go to for more information.

The official Club Homepage is at (soon to become

The Sonic Zone Newsletter mailinglist

This list is for discussion about everything Sonic-related, with almost no limitations.

To become a member, send me an e-mail to, with Subscribe in the subject line. You will receive a confirmation e-mail to which you have to reply within 10 days. If you do so, your address will be added to the list.

E-mails to the list have to be sent to

To unsubscribe from the list, send an e-mail to, with Unsubscribe in the subject.

To get a complete list of available list commands, you can also send send a message to, with just Help in the subject line. I really recomend that you check out the commands because there are some really cool ones.

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