Chatting about Sonic on IRC

Since Sonic is so popular, he has also found his way to Internet Relay Chat (IRC). All you need is an IRC program that allows you to connect to an IRC server.

Since most of you use Windows, I suggest getting mIRC is the best choice, since this is the most popular IRC client program at the moment, and very easy to use. You can find it on the Official mIRC Homepage, maintained by Tjerk Vonck, located at Check it out for information on the latest version, ftp sites, bugs, fixes, links to mIRC-related pages, and IRC in general.

Once you have installed the program, simply click on File, choose Setup, enter a screen name in the Nickname field (what you want to call yourself while on IRC) and another one in the Alternate field (in case your first screen name is already in use by someone else). Entering your Real Name and e-mail address is optional. You should also enable Identd, since almost all IRC networks request it. Enter your nickname as User ID, use UNIX as system and 113 as port.

When all that is done, choose an EFNet-server from the list and click on Connect. If that server won't let you in, simply choose another one until you succeed. Make sure to use EFNet servers only, or you might find the channel empty most of the time. If you live in Germany, by all means try to use an IRC server in America, since the German side of EFNet for some reason isn't connected to the American side anymore since at least two years.

The available Sonic channels at the moment are

To join one of them, simply type
/join #channelname
for example
/join #sonic
For further information about mIRC and IRC in general, check out or

The official SEGA Chat IRC Server:

For all those who haven't bought a Dreamcast yet but want to join the American Dreamcast Chat too (and all those unfortunate souls in Europe who are stuck with the crappy European "Dream Arena" that offers only an iChat applet on HTML basis for chatting), please use the following server: port 6667
But don't tell SEGA about it. :)

If the IRC servers listed in the mIRC program won't work for you, here an additional list of servers that you could use:  Austria  Australia  Australia  Australia  Belgium  Canada  Canada  Canada  Canada  Canada

  Switzerland  USA, Arizona, Tucson
  USA, Michigan, Bay City  USA, Texas  USA, NY, New York  USA, California  USA, PA, Ivyland  USA, MN, Eden Prarie  USA, Colorado  USA, New Jersey
  USA, Illinois  USA, Florida, Miami  USA, Pennsylvania  USA, Florida  USA, Texas, Houston  USA, NY, New York  Czech Republic  Czech Republic  Denmark
  Finland  Finland  Finland
   Finland  Finland  Finland  Finland  France

  Israel  Israel

  Iceland  Italy  Italy  Japan  Japan  Poland  Poland  Poland  Sweden  Sweden  Slovenia  Slovenia  Taiwan  Taiwan  United Kingdom  United Kingdom  United Kingdom  United Kingdom

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