VMU Mini Pacman Download

Well, after a long wait, here it finally is: my first self-programmed VMU game. I did my very best to make it as good as possible. Hope you all like it. :)

By the way, unlike most of the other so-called VMU games on the internet that were all made with booyaka's LCD Animator and are basically nothing but a bunch of screen-images that change at the press of a button, this one here is a real game, with scrolling, sprites, several fun extras and even a hi-score table that is saved to the Flash ROM.

Note for Emulator Users: because the available Freeware VMU emulators have a few problems with correct timing, I tried to use the Base Timer instead of simple Delay Loops whereever this was possible. However, occasionally you might still encounter inaccurate timing (especially during gameplay) and sprite flickering, which doesn't happen on a real VMU.

Also note that when using an emulator, you have to download the PACMAN.VMS file. The .VMI file only contains download information for the Dreamcast.

VMU Mini Pacman written by Alessandro Sanasi
Size: 67 blocks
Click here to get instructions how the game is played.

Twenty different levels! Scrolling in all four directions! Secret passageways!
'Invisible' Levels! Action in total darkness! Terrifying death scenes! :)
For this special occasion, I have also compiled a modified version of Marcus Comstedt's SoftVMS VMU Emulator v1.8, using the latest source from his homepage. Partly because games like "Soulcalibur" didn't run on version 1.7, but mainly because I simply couldn't stand Colm Cox' DOS port which used
green pixels on a black screen
or the earlier version (with the blue VMU image), which used
black pixels on a green screen
(oh, this really hurt).

Anyway, whoever out there is a DOS / Windoze user like me and is looking for an up-to-date and ready-to-run version that works on his machine, feel free to download it here. :)

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