VMU File Downloads

Sonic Adventure / Main Save File
with all 130 emblems
Size: 10 blocks
Sonic Adventure 2 / Main File
with 180 emblems & unlocked Green Hill Zone
Size: 18 blocks
Sonic Adventure 2 / Chao File
Chao Garden with all toys available
Size: 52 blocks

VMU Mini Rushing Football Handheld written by Alexander Villagran from SEGA of America
Size: 110 blocks
Mini VMU Tetris written by Marcus Comstedt
Size: 7 blocks
Snaky! from http://www.dreamfiles.com
Size: 19 blocks
Just a simple advertisement that I wrote for a friend's website. Have a look if you are interested (text is in German, because it was for a German website).
Size: 8 blocks

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