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Hello there, fellow Sonic fans. Due to the huge popular demand (I've counted three people so far) I hereby proudly present you some information and scans about the available Sonic Manga from Japan.

Sonic The Hedgehog Manga by Seimu

Sonic Manga by Seimu This is probably what can be called the most 'official' Sonic Manga at the moment. It's done by an artist named Seimu, and seems to be an ongoing series. From what I could make out from the comic, there seem to be several Manga adaptions of popular Sonic games available too, like "Sonic 2", "Sonic & Knuckles", "Sonic The Fighters", as well as other SEGA-related stories like "NiGHTS".

I'm currently trying to order more of those comics from TAKAGI Ltd. (a German company specialized in Japanese books), but since my contact there is on vacation I won't know if that's possible until sometimes in April.

The author also has a homepage at http://www3.justnet.ne.jp/~seimu/s.dozin1.html.

Example Pages:

Sample Page 1    Sample Page 2

The pages above are from the first part of the "Sonic 2" adaption. Sonic flies to Westside Island and promptly runs into Tails, who was just flying along by accident. Tails follows Sonic secretly and is astonished when he sees Sonic's magnificent plane, the "Tornado". Just then, the ground shakes and Eggman's huge Sky Fortress flies past the surprised Tails. Sonic realizes that Eggman is planning a new evil scheme and decides to follow. Tails offers to join him, and this is how the first part ends.

Sonic serials from Shogaku-Yonensei Magazine

Sonic Manga from SEGA Magazine This Sonic Manga was published as a serial in the Japanese magazine "Shogaku-Yonensei" ("Elementary School"). Surely it was the only 'official' Sonic comic in Japan for a long time, but I guess its serial ended at least 4-5 years ago, and sadly Shogakukan (the Japanese publisher) doesn't deal in back issues.

The story shown on the example page you see here is not totally clear, for it seems to be in the middle of an ongoing plot. The title is "#6 Save Little John". A hedgehog named Little John is just eating a hamburger and some popcorn, then drops it. Obviously those stories did not only feature Sonic, but also a lot of other hedgehog-kids.

Thanks to Mary Yamasaki (solly@worldnet.fr) from France for providing this example page (taken from a French game magazine).

Misc. Sonic Booklets

Sonic The Hedgehog booklet There are also a few small Japanese 'booklets' available, featuring short Sonic stories, important news and general information about Sonic and SEGA.

So far I've seen only two booklets, one titled "Project Sonic", with the 'Project Sonic' logo, and the other titled "Okuzuke", showing Knuckles.

Example Pages:

Sample Page 1    Sample Page 2

Various Sonic Manga by Independent Artists

Independent Manga Cover 1    Independent Manga Cover 2    Independent Manga Cover 3

Those comics are not published by any business. Surely they are sold ones, although not in bookstores, but only at places like "Comic Market" in Japan, where freelance artists show their work, both short stories and art. They are not official ones, nor are they truly meant for children.

And just as it is with Fan Fiction, since the artists are independent and therefore don't have to follow any rules, their stories range from really cool, cute and funny stuff to such extremes as violence, obscene gestures and out-of-character behavior. Some of the more ugly stories feature things like Sonic nailed to a wall, or Tails trying to stab Knuckles with a knife because his pal Sonic now prefers to hang out with the echidna instead of him (BTW, he misses and stabs Sonic instead), and even one short where Sonic, Tails and Amy go to a disco and Sonic gets so drunk that he leaps onto the stage, removes whatever he wears for trousers (and I always thought the blue on him was his natural fur), then shows his friends his naked behind, and after that, um, the other side...

Personally, I think the authors are just joking around, seeing most of it satirically. Japanese people do indeed have a strange sense of humor... for your convenience, of course I've only scanned pieces of the 'nicer' work. Please click on any of the links below to view some examples.

Sonic Art:

Sonic Story Clips:

Special thanks to Naoyoshi Taguchi for his help and support.

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