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Sonic Comic Resources:

ArchieComics Online
The official Archie Comics Homepage. Here you can find lots of information about the American Sonic comic, and about other Archie titles too.

Sonic Comics Review Archives
This is the homepage of Dan Drazen, a long-time Sonic fan who made it his task to write reviews of every Sonic comic published. They are great sources of information, and also fun to read.

Ken's Comics, Stories & Art
The homepage of Ken Penders, one of the official storywriters for the Sonic comic published by Archie. On this page Ken offers everything from previews to original art & ordering information to an online discussion board about Sonic.

Nigel Kitching's Home Page
This page belongs to Nigel Kitching, one of the writers (or better, THE writer) for the English Sonic comic published by Fleetway. On his page you can find general info abut his work, original art, snippets from his Sonic scripts, and quite a few things more.

The Sonic Comic Zone
A nice page with info about the Sonic comics and a few scans.

Resources for Sonic Merchandise:

Sega Store
Sega of America's official store. Here you can buy everything from hardware to accessories to games to plush toys of Sonic and his friends.

The Sonic Zone Store
Suneet's Sonic store. Suneet is a Sonic fan from America with good contacts to Japan, who recently decided to start his own online store. So if you are interested in Japanese Sonic Merchandise, then this is the place to visit.

Heathside Collectibles
Heatside Collectibles is a store for second-hand collector's items of all sorts, including several great items of Sonic merchandise.

SEGA Dreamcast:

Sega X
Plenty of news added every day, including a new IRC Java Chat Room where you can chat about all the latest Sega topics.

Dreamcast HQ
Up-to-date information about the Dreamcast.

SegaNet Movie Index
Here you can find lots of cool Movie Clips of upcoming Dreamcast games.

Learn more about the Dreamcast's technology and interior on the Dreamcast Technical Pages at CanadaWired.

All about the A-Life (Chao) creatures from Sonic Adventure, how to raise them, train them and what techniques work best if you want to breed a certain kind of Chao.
Here you can find Dreamcast game reviews, release lists, an online store, various discussion boards, and more.
This site offers up- and downloads of game saves and various mini-games from and to your Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit (VMU).

The Dreamcast Magazine
The official homepage of the German Dreamcast magazine.

The X-Generation 2000
Latest News, Game Reviews, VMU Game Downloads, and mores.

Go here to get info about the newest games, reviews, previews, patches and demos.

Another good resource for German news about the Dreamcast.

VMU Depot
VMU file download for European Dreamcast owners.

Official SEGA Sites:

Sega America Sega Europe SEGA Germany
Sega Australia Sonic Team Japan
SegaWorld England SegaWorld Australia

Fan Pages:

The Sonic Info Page
The best resource of information about our favorite blue speedster in the whole wide world. Need I say more? :)

Sonic Power Ring Page
The Sonic Web Ring. This is a series of Web pages linked together by a CGI script at, that allows you to access a multitude of pages about a similar topic. Whenever someone accesses one of the pages on the ring, he is only a click away from a multitude of other Sonic pages! Follow the online instructions to get your page added to the ring.

The Sonic Zone
Updated daily with a HUGE amount of Sonic content that is sure to blow you away! Contains everything from Fan Fiction to Chatting to Game Cheats to Sonic Comic Info to Merchandise, and lots more. This is your one stop Sonic site.

SharpKnux's Art Studio
A nice little page with lots of fan-made artwork of Sonic and related characters.

The Miles "Tails" Prower Web Page (Johnston's Page)
This site offers picture scans of Tails from the Archie comic series, cool info material, some highly recommended fan-fiction stories by Dan Drazen, the Baby Tails Makeover, the Sonic the Hedgehog Code V1.1, as well as links to useful tools and other interesting Web Sites to go to.

Shadow of a Hedgehog (Dennis Spielman's Page)
Everything and anything about Sonic the Hedgehog. There's music videos, game information, comics, fan art, codes, wallpapers, and lots more.

Sonic Adventures
This site is devoted to Sonic and his amazing crew, Knuckles, Amy, Tails, and even his worst arch enemies, Dr. Eggman (Robutnik), Rouge the Bat, and his new foe, Shadow the HedgeHog. It has a Hero Section, Dark Section, Team section, as well as Hints and Tips about the games, about Chao Raising, and Links to other pages.

Vixie's Crescent Moon (Holly-Beth Kraft's Page)
This Page has stuff about Sonic the Hedgehog, Anime, cool Drawings & Artwork, Links to other pages, info about our favourite Freedom Fighters, and an incredible amount of wonderful Fan-Fiction, centered around Vixie Lamenta. Definitely a MUST!

Diana's Realm
Here you will find Fan Fiction, cool Artwork, a Fan-Comic, Music, as well as info about Mobian History and Characters History.
This site uses a little too much frames if you ask me, but oh well...

Shadow's Domain
Welcome to Shadow's Domain. Here you will find Sonic Games, Sonic Adventure 2 character descriptions, help on Chao, Links, Media, and Fan Fiction. Enjoy the site devoted to the ultimate lifeform, Shadow, and have fun.
This page is still under construction.

Team Artail
Another place where you can find stories about Vixie Lamenta, as well as LOTS of other way past cool Fan Fiction stories too, including Sonic Sound Clips from the cartoon, Sonic Comic Cover Scans, Sonic MIDI files and info about Sonic Adventure, with tons of screenshots and audio clips of the character's voices

This site offers info about the Sonic Cartoons (including reviews/scripts), info about the Sonic Comics, Fan Fiction, Artwork, Character Profiles, and a few things more.

The Sonic Ideal
Hosts the fan-made and fan-drawn comic "The Sonic Ideal". Really great artwork for a non-commercial comic, and definitely worth a second look. For more info please write to David Bulmer ( And always remember: It ain't over 'till the fat man screams. ;)

J. Axer Productions
This page contains self-drawn comic strip shorts by J. Axer, featuring Sonic and other characters too.
J. Axer has a strange sense of humor, and some of his Sonic comics definitely aren't everyone's piece of cake (lots of blood etc.), but the artwork is pretty neat.

JK's Sonic Cel Animation Art
Here you can find Original Animation Cels from the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons. A must-see for every true fan.

Sonic HQ
Among other things, this page offers Sonic News, Comic Info, Cartoon Info, Games Info, Sonic Music, Question & Answer Section, Fan Fiction, Artwork, and a Sonic Trade Forum. As an added bonus, it also has a Movie Page where you can download all 26 episodes of the original SatAM cartoon in RealPlayer (.RM) format.

Illy's Sonic Page
Lots of Sonic Artwork by Illys and other fans.

Big-Felt's Sonic GamePage
News, Game Info, MailBag Section, S-Files (latest rumors), movie clips from various games, Emulation, Fan Fiction, Links and a special section for Amy fans.

Arctic's Frozen Sonic Page
Has Links to other Sonic sites, fan fiction, and some very cool self-made Sonic pictures.

Magnus and Maringas Page
The homepage of two very close friends of mine. Here you can find many self-made Sonic games for download, plus various fan fiction stories, images, and some interesting audio clips from the original SatAM Sonic cartoon from different countries.

Sonic M Hedgehog's Sonic Page (Chris Steele's Page)
This page offers Sonic FanFiction, Art Gallery, Sounds, Video Downloads, Character Profiles, a Comics Section, Sonic Games, Links, and a few things more. Definitely a good place to visit.
Send your comics to to have them added.

The Sonic Vault (Callye Keen's Page)
Character Profiles, Stories, Artwork, and Links, all of it linked to this page from other Sonic sites. :)

Xhedgehog -- A Sonic-Like Game for X Windows
Xhedgehog is a version of the classic Sonic games written entirely in the Linux Xfree86 environment, also portable to other platforms. An Xhedgehog quasi-playable demo is already available at this site.

Thad "X" Boyd's Sonic Page T
Contains Sonic stories written by Thad_X_Boyd, and info on Sonic '97, the Sonic fan club on Prodigy.

Psycho's Web Page
This page has some pretty cool comic stuff, including Sonic the Hedgehog.

They Call Me Sonic (Jeff Read's Page)
This page has some great Sonic MIDI music and Sonic Artwork made by the page owner and by other fans.

Sir Kain's Picture Page
This Web page shows some pictures of Sir Kain, known from Sonic fan-fic stories written by Eric Goodwin (

Mystic Mobius - The Sonic Info Source
Contains info about the original Sonic cartoon, the cartoon characters, the Sonic games, as well as Fan Art and Sonic Multimedia stuff.

Andy Wolan's Sonic Page
The official Sonic 2000 webpage (another fan-made Sonic game). Also offers a Sonic Cheat List, the Dan Ramos Collection with original Sonic artwork, Sonic Comic Book Summaries and links to Sonic Emulation on the PC.

Sonic Stuff Research Group
This is the homepage of the new Sonic Stuff Research Group (SSRG), the Sonic Site for the software/hardware guru. Here you will find information exposing hidden secrets and features dug deep within the Sonic the Hedgehog line of game carts. Please note that this is not a general Sonic Fan site, so you will not find any Sonic the Hedgehog fan fiction in here.

Kiri Megami's Chaotix Page
The homepage of another good friend of mine from Mexico. It has Chaotix Fan-Fiction, Character Profiles, a Chaotix Art Gallery, some nice music from the 32x game, and MIDIs.

German Sonic / SEGA Sites:

Planet Sega
Sega Fan Club
The Sonic Zone
Thomas Blumenau's Homepage

Video Game Sites:

Dreamcast - the official magazine (Germany)
GamesMania (Germany)
Console Domain - News, Reviews, Previews
Diehard Game Magazine
GameFan Online
Next Generation - Computer and Videogames
ConsoleKing (a commercial site specialising in Sega Saturn)
Realm Of Gaming

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