Sonic Anime Screenshots

  1. Sonic and Tails watching Ojisan's plane fly by.
  2. Tails trying to rescue Ojisan.
  3. Tails shouting at Ojisan to get his attention.
  4. Tails and Ojisan noticing that they are heading for the cliffs.
  1. Sonic racing along the cliff's walls to save his friends.
  2. Ojisan talking to a blue flower.
  3. Sonic and Tails going to the President's palace in the bi-plane.
  4. Panorama shot of the floating islands where the capital of the Earth of the Sky is located.
  1. Eggman sitting in the President's chair.
  2. The President and Sera held captive by Eggman's robots.
  3. Sonic and Tails standing on Eggman's desk.
  4. The vortex that leads to the Earth of Darkness.
  1. Tails and Sonic standing beside their crashed plane.
  2. Panorama shot of the Earth of Darkness.
  3. Tails and Sonic preparing to set out.
  4. Tails and Sonic dodging BuzzBombers.
  1. Tails and Sonic arriving at the city of EggmanLand.
  2. Panorama shot of the city, with Sonic and Tails racing through.
  3. Tails and Sonic facing Dark-Eggman.
  4. Tails and Sonic taunting Dark-Eggman.
  1. Sonic and Tails realizing that Dark-Eggman has wings and a turbo booster.
  2. Sonic and Tails after racing over the highway bridge.
  3. Knuckles stepping into the glue shot by Dark-Eggman.
  4. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles after the fight, at sunset.

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