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With the announcement of Sonic Adventure, everyone's favorite hedgehog is officially back on the game scene, and with a completely new game concept too! The whole game will run at 60 frames per second, in a high resolution of 640 x 480.

Sonic Team did a great job in keeping Sonic's super speed. They solved the exploring part by letting other slower characters do it. Your choice of character for the game is very important, as not only are some easier to complete levels with than others (the point here being that Sonic Adventure will be accessible to any player, regardless of skill level), but that the path through each area and your character's objectives in it will differ.

There will be six playable characters in the game: Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Big and E-102 the robot. Each character will have six acts to complete, which are related to each other. The characters will be able to interact and make enemies and friends with other minor characters, which will then help you out later in the game. Sonic and friends will also be able to gain information by talking to the people they meet in the levels.

Rumors also say that Sonic Adventure will this time take place on Earth, but I sure hope this will stay a rumor.

The Story

The Chaos Beast Dr. Robotnik is back once again. This time, he's releasing a deadly force known simply as Chaos, some kind of living liquid. This Chaos Beast is responsible for drowning an entire city (see the promotional video) and wreaking terrible destruction in its wake.

Sonic vs. Chaos Robotnik has been feeding the creature with crystals to boost his power, and now it's time for Sonic to step into the fray to defeat Chaos, his minions, and of course Dr Robotnik himself.

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Sonic the Hedgehog Knuckles the Echidna Big the Cat
I'll never look back. I've got no regrets. 'Cause time doesn't wait for me. I choose to go my own way. Born on an island in the heavens, the blood of my ancestors flows inside me. My duty is to guard the Master Emerald. Keep striving for a new tomorrow. I've got nothing to worry me. Come on let's just go up and go, go, go!
Miles 'Tails' Prower Amy Rose Dr. Eggman E-102 Gamma
I wanna fly high so I can reach the highest of all the heavens. Someone will be waiting for me, so I have gotta fly higher. I'll always be there for you in the best and worst times. You can be my sweetest honey for all eternity. Am I crazy am I a genius? I've got all the technology in my hands. It's time for me to take over the world! With a steel heart inside a steel body, I'm a high-tech assault machine. Watch out for the laser rifle on my right arm!

The Main Cast:
Sonic the Hedgehog:  our favorite hedgehog is back once again to spoil the evil plans of Dr. Robotnik.
Knuckles the Echidna:  this determined guardian of the Floating Island is ready to tango with anyone who wants to mess with his home, and it looks like Dr. Robotnik is asking for trouble yet again.
Miles "Tails" Prower:  the two-tailed flying fox aides Sonic in his adventure with the help of his bi-plane, the Tornado.
Amy Rose:  Amy jumps into battle to smash Robotnik after one of his robots tried to kidnap one of her Flicky friends while at the mall.

Dr. Robotnik:  Our demented scientist is at it again.

The New Additions:
Big the Cat:  Big loves fishing and carries a fishing rod whereever he goes. He is drawn into this adventure when his best friend, Frog, mistakenly swallows a Chaos Emerald and disappears. Worried that Dr. Robontik might be a part of this somehow, Big goes off to search for his friend.
E-102 Gamma:  made by Dr. Robotnik, E-102 is a highly accurate shooting robot. He is the second of the E-100 series machines and is fiercely obedient to Dr. Robotnik. He will always follow Dr. Robotnik's orders, and Sonic is his sworn enemy. Playing through the game as one of Robotnik's creations sure makes a nice addition.


The Levels

In the end, Sonic Adventure is supposed to feature over 10 game levels, with at least 2 acts each. Here is a list of the ones that are already known:

Speed Highway

a neon city for Sonic to run around and up the sides of skyscrapers

Speed Highway Screenshot
Red Mountain

a desert stage also involving a mine section.

Red Mountain Screenshot
Ice Cap Zone

a snow level where Sonic can do some snowboarding

Ice Cap Screenshot
Lost World

an ancient temple. This level was inspired by Sonic Team's expedition to South America.

Inca Screenshot
Sky Attack

a sub-level where Sonic and Tails face 'Chaos' the dragon in their bi-plane from Sonic 2

Sky Attack Screenshot
Bonus Level

another sub-level of the game, where Amy can play "Whack-A-Sonic" with her Pico Hammer

Bonus Level Screenshot

Sonic Adventure Screenshot Sonic Adventure Screenshot Sonic Adventure Screenshot
Sonic Adventure Screenshot Sonic Adventure Screenshot Sonic Adventure Screenshot

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